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Zinc Deficiency Symptoms, Threats, and Foods Rich in Zinc

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Zinc deficiency in body is equally vital to be addressed as of any other nutrient deficiency. These deficiencies may lead to threats like impotency, loss of hair, diarrhea, stomach pain, headaches, etc. The simplest way to address these issues is indeed to include food or ingredients those are rich in zinc content.

Even if the zinc deficiency occurs due to lack of zinc in regular food, one should proactively address this issue immediately as any kind of symptom is seen in the body. Given below are the various symptoms through which one can get to know that the body is suffering from zinc deficiency at present.

Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency

Hair fall:

This is a common symptom that every person suffering from zinc deficiency suffers from. In some other cases, the hair gets thin and weak though doesn’t fall.

Neurological Issues:

Very few people know that zinc deficiency might lead to neurological issues in the person. Person suffering from neurological or neuron-psychological issues might witness further complications if zinc deficiency occurs in the body.

Lacking Immunity:

Zinc deficiency causing lack of immunity in the body is not uncommon. This is so as Zinc is considered one of the prominent hormone receptor. It is also a prime protein receptor of the human body. At the same time, it improves T-cell count and that of white blood cells in a significant fashion. Hence, their deficiency is obvious to cause lack of immunity in the body. In fact, lack of zinc is also said to be one of the reasons behind imbalanced mood of the person.

If You Are Suffering From Following Diseases, Proper Zinc Intake Is a Must


Needless is to say that diabetes is one of the most growing health issues among modern day humans. It makes the other health issues in the concerned person’s body even more complicated. And, such people should make sure that they don’t suffer from zinc deficiency, anyway. Zinc deficiency can make diabetes issues complicated, which indeed causes all other forms of diseases more serious.


People suffering from HIV/AIDS are essential to take care of their zinc level in the body. Zinc deficiency holds every chance of cutting the life span of these people. Hence, they should take foods rich on zinc or external pills for proper balance.

Drug Addicts or Alcohol Addicts:

People suffering from alcoholism are essential to maintain their zinc level in the body. Excess intake of alcohol holds every chance of heading to lower zinc level in the body. Hence, make sure you take proper nutrients to maintain this balance.


Deficiency of zinc has every chance to cause malabsorption in the body of the person. Naturally, these people have to be extra careful about their diet, which has to be rich in zinc content.

Foods Rich in Zinc:

As explained above, the simplest solution to avoid zinc deficiency in body is to have foods those are rich in zinc content. You don’t need to put much effort on this regard as such foods are quite affordable and can be easily availed. To be specific, peanuts, salmon, kidney beans, watermelon seeds, flax seeds, etc are rich in zinc.

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