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3 Tips for the Perfect Workout


When it comes to working out, there are a few fundamental factors that come into play. From your diet to what you wear, there are many external influences that have a big impact on the effectiveness of your workout and on how it makes you feel. Here are 3 top tips to set you on your way to the perfect workout.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

When it comes to working out, hydration is key. During even light exercise, your body will sweat far more than normal, meaning that you are losing moisture at a heavily increased rate. For this reason, it is advisable to always drink plenty of water before embarking on your workout, and to take a water supply with you when exercising. This is not only important for your health, it will also help to boost your performance as it will give you the energy you need to push forward.

  1. Dress the Part

What you wear during a workout is not just for show, and it can actually have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your exercise. For many of us, we’re not quite ready to venture out in skin tight Lycra – at least not until we start reaping the benefits of our work out! Women’s Activewear from Skins provides a great solution to this dilemma, by allowing you to layer your sportswear for comfort of body and mind. Whilst you can still reap the benefits of compression wear, you can feel at ease in your active wear by layering looser-fitting shorts, tops and jackets over the top. Compression wear is thought to be important due to its ability to hold your muscles firmly in place as you exercise, whilst also increasing blood flow and enhancing your performance. For those of us who want a little more coverage, loose outer clothing provides the perfect solution for working out. With stylish outer wear, you needn’t forgo sporting fashions, and you can tailor your outfit to fit your style.

  1. Watch Your Diet

Whilst working out is great for your health, it is only one part of the story. There is no use working out each day or week if you go home to an unhealthy dinner. This is why it’s important to align your workout goals with your diet, by ensuring you have a protein, fibre and vitamin-rich food intake. You can also make incremental changes in smaller aspects of your diet, such as switching a sugary carbonated drink for sparkling water, or by giving up sugar in your coffee. Not only will all of this help you to lose weight faster, it will also make you feel more healthy and energetic in the long-run.

Whilst working out is not a fashion show, it certainly helps to feel good whilst you do it. By ensuring that you feel comfortable in your own skin, you will be more likely to get out there and start being active. At the same time, by staying on top of your overall health, you can be sure to feel good all-round.

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