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How to Deal with Heatstroke


Here in the UK, heatstroke is not something that we have to worry about too often! However, in those few sunny and warm weeks that we get for summer, we are far more prone to suffer from it as we are not used to the warmer weather. When you suffer from a heatstroke, your body has lost an excessive amount of water and salt and this is your body’s way of warning you that it is getting too hot. This is an emergency condition as your body will be struggling to cool itself. If you are suffering from heatstroke or want to know more about what to do in this type of situation, carry on reading!

Move Out of the Sun

The first thing that someone suffering from heatstroke should do is get out of the sun and move to a cool place. Try and find some shade or a building that is air conditioned. While you are here, hydrate your body and allow it to regulate itself again. Be prepared for this to take as long as 24 hours indoors.

Keep Track of Your Internal Body Temperature

If you are suffering from heat exhaustion, it is likely that you will have an increased body temperature. If your body temperature is over 104 degrees Fahrenheit then this indicates that you have had a heat stroke. To try and lower the temperate, make sure that you apply a cold compress to the back of their wrists and necks, but don’t put ice directly on the skin as this can damage your skin tissue if you are very sunburnt.

Remove Clothing

If you are wearing very tight-fitting clothing, then you will want to swap it for loose clothing or, if you can, remove all of your clothing. Try to basically remove as much clothing as you can to allow airflow through your clothes. However, don’t remove clothing if you are still exposed to the sun!

Lay Down

If someone is suffering from heat exhaustion they should be laid down and their legs should be elevated slightly to above heart level. If they say that this makes them feel dizzy, decrease the elevation to where it is more comfortable.

Stay Hydrated

This one may seem a little obvious, but it is incredibly important. If you are suffering from a heatstroke, then you should be making sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids and preferably water. Your heat stroke was caused by a lack of water, so you will need to rehydrate your body in order to recover. Try to stay away from any fizzy drinks and alcoholic beverages as this can lead to you becoming even more dehydrated and making the situation worse.

If you are suffering from a heat stroke and need to speak to a qualified doctor quickly, use the service GPs Powered by babylon health. This service allows you to have a video call with a doctor who can best advise you on what you should do next.

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