4 Common Skin Problems That Make Summer Terrible

4 Common Skin Problems That Make Summer Terrible

Depending on where you live in the US, the summer months can be anything from a welcoming relief to utterly unbearable. For instance, if you are in Central Florida, the summers are very long and very hot. And maybe, you would want to visit a walk-in clinic in south Tampa to treat your heat rashes, bug bites, or the several other skin and health problems that usually accompany the hot months. With the rising mercury, it becomes almost impossible to step out of the house because sweat and itchy irritation develop a wide variety of skin problems. Rashes, swellings, scabs, ugly-looking lumps, fluid-oozing pustules and other acne issues make living difficult. So, before you plan a beach day, brace yourself for the four most common skin problems that you need to battle during summer.

4 Common Skin Problems That Make Summer Terrible


No matter how much you protect yourself from the hot waves of the sun, rashes are bound to appear on your skin during summer. These are the results of clogged sweat ducts, which don’t allow perspiration to get out of the body. The rashes can be small and may appear on the skin with itchy bumps or blisters. Rashes can even develop in the region where clothes are rubbed continuously.

Usually, these are harmless and disappear within a few days. You can wear light and breathable garments to prevent these heat rashes. But if you find the irritations uncontrollable and nagging, visit a dermatologist immediately. These rashes can be bacterial, fungal or viral infections that require proper medical attention.

Bug Bites

Summer time calls for stylish outfits, cool shorts and lighter garments. You hang out with friends, go for long walks, swimming and other activities that expose you to raw nature. What follows next are infections from bug bites. Moreover, summer is the time to face mosquito-tantrums and many other insect-invasions, which can cause serious health issues.

Some of the bug bites can be dealt with simple home remedies. But if you find the pain is increasing and the rashes are growing with puss seeping out from the infected region, rush to a doctor. The insect can be poisonous and the rising temperature can deteriorate the skin condition.


This is yet another skin trouble found especially during summer. There will be sudden reddening of the skin followed by welts. This is an impact of allergies from medications, pollen, insect bites, reaction to excessive sweating, stress, heat and so on. Hives can appear in any part of the body. It can expand or merge with other hives, but these stay for a few hours. You feel like scratching it due to the itchy sensation, but please don’t.

It is better not to scratch or rub the hives because that worsens the situation and may cause more swelling. Avoid hot showers and body-hugging clothes. You can apply antihistamines to stop it from growing. But if you find the situation has not improved and these have blown up into a serious condition called anaphylaxis with symptoms like shortness of breath and dizziness, contact a doctor without wasting time.


Bacteria love a warm and humid environment, and sweaty skin provides just that. The result is a bacterial infection called folliculitis that appears as red bumps or pustules on the shoulders, thighs and buttocks. Next, you will experience itching or burning sensation.

The best way to avoid folliculitis is to keep your skin clean and avoid the conditions that favor bacterial growth. That is why you should avoid wearing tight clothes and take a shower immediately after a workout session. In case this infection makes your skin hard or rough, see a doctor to get the proper treatment.

Summer skin problems call for proper treatment. Although you can treat many of these at home, you must visit a nearby walk-in clinic in case the rashes, hives or the itching sensation increases or the pain becomes unbearable. In places like Central Florida where the summers might turn uncomfortable, developing these problems is common. You should consider visiting a walk-in clinic at South Tampa or other nearby cities to ensure that the infection isn’t something that you should be worried about.

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