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Benefits of Physiotherapy Newmarket after joint surgery

Benefits of Physiotherapy Newmarket after joint surgery

There are certain schools of thought that do not think orthopedic surgery is necessary for most joint pains. However, when one has suffered through a trauma in the joints, one might find that physiotherapy and surgery actually work very well together in getting your body to function normally again. You might want to contact a Physiotherapy Newmarket team if you have recently had surgery with any of your joints to speed up the recovery of the surgical area.


One of the main concerns of any Physiotherapy Newmarket team you will talk to is probably the blood circulation in the area where you have had your surgery. To let your bones and your muscles heal after an injury and after surgery, orthopedic surgeons would usually prescribe immobilization for at least two weeks. After that, depending on the benefits and the risks, Physiotherapy Newmarket sessions would be recommended. While your joints are immobilized and put in a cast or a brace, it is highly likely that you will suffer from pool circulation. Even in uninjured body parts, when you have not moved in a while, you will feel pain from poor circulation. The risk doubles in injury, and it could even cause swelling. Physiotherapy restores good circulation by introducing movement to your immobilized body part.

Range of motion

For you to return to normal, you must restore your body’s range of motion. Because of immobilization, which is also necessary for recovery, some muscles may become very stiff, and some muscles tend to shrink. For this reason, it will be close to impossible to restore one’s full range of motion without the help of Physiotherapy Newmarket professionals. Restoring the full range of motion of any joint not only helps you restore your pre-trauma gait, but it also helps you restore your balance and the way you used to function each day. You will also notice a lessening of the pain you are feeling before the physiotherapy sessions as you progress. This is because you will be taught to distribute your weight more evenly with literally every step you take. This will also prevent further injuries because you won’t compromise your other muscles and joints by putting too little weight on the post-operative joint which you might be trying to protect.

How to work well with your physiotherapist

One way to work well with your Physiotherapy Newmarket professional is to understand the method, first and foremost, before the sessions begin. Understand the role of pain, and how it should be read while you are having your physiotherapy. Are you supposed to walk into pain? Are you supposed to endure it or ignore it? And how soon before you start seeing results?

You must also talk about the care you should be getting or giving yourself after each session. The first few sessions would probably be done in your home while it is still difficult for you to move. The last few sessions could be done either independently or in a rehabilitation center since you are already able to walk on your own and most of them are just strengthening exercises for the affected or injured muscles.

Physiotherapy can help you get back to your activities of daily living after a surgery. If you are looking for a Physiotherapy Newmarket, contact us today.

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