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5 Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

Stop Cavities

Traditionally, a dentist would diagnose oral health issues by observing the teeth under a bright light. Fortunately, innovative New York digital X-Rays have improved the diagnosis of oral issues. Digital dental X-rays use high-energy beams, creating a clear image of the soft tissues on the teeth and the bone structures. Digital dental x-rays lead to preventive treatments as the dentist can deal with oral issues early on time. These are reasons your dentist will opt for digital dental x-rays over other imaging techniques.

Less Exposure to Radiation

Most patients fear radiation exposure and might not opt for digital imaging to deal with oral issues. Fortunately, digital x-rays produce fewer radiations, and you will not be exposed to harmful radiations. For instance, the dentist will direct the rays to the oral cavity to create an image of the oral structures and diagnose health conditions. On the other hand, the MRI may expose a patient to high radiation as it exposes the whole head to radiation during imaging. Thus, dentists prefer digital x-rays over MRI when dealing with oral issues.

The Images Will Be Ready Immediately

The images from the digital x-rays will be ready immediately after the dentist conducts the treatments. The x-rays produce clear images of the teeth, gums, tongue, and soft palate leading to effective treatments. Additionally, the images are clear, and a dentist can zoom in to understand the diagnosis and treat the oral issues effectively.

It Is a Diagnostic Tool

Digital x-rays are a diagnostic tool that makes it possible to identify deep oral issues. Your dentist might not identify all the oral issues by observing the teeth and would need x-rays to deal with underlying oral problems. For instance, the x-rays might identify issues with the tooth root leading to root canal treatments. They will identify jaw issues such as TMJ, as it might be challenging to observe these complications with an imaging technique.

It Leads To the Prevention of Oral Issues

Digital x-rays prevent oral issues as the dentist will identify the oral health issues in the early stages. For instance, the dentist will identify the gum disease’s early signs, offer the right treatment, and prevent gingivitis. The dentist might prevent oral decay and cavities and deal with future oral problems.

Digital Enhancement and Storage of Data

Your dentist will enhance the teeth’ appearance and improve the data’s storage. The data from the dentist’s office might be useful in the future as it tells the dentist about the underlying oral issues. For instance, imaging might guide the dentist during the treatment of teeth and lead to better oral outcomes. The images might be useful if you move from your city and need to see another dentist, as they would pick the information and use it for future treatments.

Oral care treatments begin when the dentist examines the teeth with a bright light and a microscope. Unfortunately, the microscope might not identify issues such as root decay, jaw bone loss, and TMJ. Thus, the dentist will opt for digital x-rays, which produce images of the teeth, gums, tongue, soft palates, and jaw bones. Digital x-rays lead to the prevention of oral issues as the dentist will identify the issues in the early stages, and your dentist will recommend the right cosmetic procedures to improve your smile.

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