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5 Outstanding Reasons for Considering a Midwife for Your Childbirth

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You might want to consider hiring a certified nurse midwife if you plan to try for a natural birth with minimal to no medical intervention or if you prefer the concept of having personalized, high-touch assistance throughout labor and delivery at the tail end of your Jackson Heights pregnancy.

Midwives are specialists in pregnancy and delivery who are comprehensive, collaborative care providers and have helped women for generations before, during, and after childbirth.

Here are reasons why you may choose a midwife for your delivery.

1. You want to be empowered and supported

The midwifery style of care is based on the idea that pregnancy, labor, and delivery are healthy, natural events and that women should not be managed or directed throughout them. They need to be encouraged and given authority.

In other words, midwives do not consider pregnancy and delivery as medical occurrences. They see them as everyday life occurrences that women can handle naturally and instinctively, especially with the proper support and direction.

2. You desire collaboration with your provider

Midwives are holistic, collaborative care providers. The most excellent way for midwives to help and support you during pregnancy and childbirth is by giving you the knowledge and assurance you need to comprehend the process and actively participate in your treatment decisions.

A competent midwife may make you feel less anxious during your pregnancy, more at ease throughout labor and delivery, and more equipped in the first few months after giving birth as a new mother.

3. You want to give birth naturally

It is not unexpected that many women opt for a midwife-assisted delivery because they want to have a natural birth experience or to avoid unnecessary medical intervention. Midwives work to ensure you have the delivery you wish by respecting your right to bodily autonomy and your unique choices.

A midwife-attended birth is less likely to start with a medically induced labor, rely on an opioid for pain relief, or necessitate an episiotomy during delivery, even though midwives are trained to detect when medical intervention is necessary. Even if your baby is not in the ideal position when labor starts, working with a midwife can lower your

4. You desire active support during labor

Your doctor may check in periodically during normal obstetrician-attended birth, but they are typically only present during active labor and delivery. Your labor partner and the hospital’s nursing team offer continuous support and direction in the hours preceding active labor.

Contrarily, midwives offer ongoing assistance and direction throughout the labor and delivery process. Midwives employ easy procedures like walking and postural adjustments and natural pain management methods like massage, deep breathing, hydrotherapy, and music to assist the labor process.

5. You want comprehensive care

Most importantly, midwives are dedicated to providing assistance and knowledge that promotes a healthy pregnancy, a safe and satisfying delivery, an ideal postpartum recovery, and the most incredible possible start for your kid.

Midwives assist in creating a safe atmosphere where you may feel taken care of and confident throughout childbirth by offering tailored, medically-based care focused on your needs and stressing your innate skills as a woman.

Call Raveco Medical to book your appointment to work with a Certified Nurse Midwife in your delivery.

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