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Five Reasons Why You Should Invest In Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Nothing can affect your smile like having a missing tooth, especially at the front. Missing teeth not only impact how you chew or talk but also endangers your entire oral health. Therefore, you must replace your teeth in case of any untreatable deformity. The dental implants Greenwich procedure is one of the best options to reclaim your lost smile within a few sessions. Whether you want to replace one or multiple teeth, dental implants come in handy for your oral health concerns. But why should you invest in dental implants? Here, you will comprehend the top five reasons why you can prefer dental implants over other procedures.

Implants resemble your original natural-looking teeth

While no one wants to lose their original teeth, implants are best for looking exactly like your natural teeth. They are aesthetically pleasing, and many cannot differentiate them from your remaining teeth. Also, implants look good and play the same role as your original teeth. This means you can continue to floss, brush, eat and smile as you used to before losing your teeth.

Implants are long-lasting

Dental implants are designed to serve your needs for a lifetime. During the process, implants are fused with your jawbone – osseointegration to ensure it aligns perfectly with your remaining teeth. Although the crown that sits above your implant might call for a replacement at times, implants can last for over 15 years.

Implants help to safeguard and preserve your jawbone

The dental implant procedure is done surgically to place the implant into your jaw. Moreover, since an implant serves the same purpose as your other teeth, there is no harm to your gum or jawbone. The case is no different regarding jaw simulations since an implant will serve the same course. Implants will help safeguard your jaw and maintain your mouth’s overall structure.

Implants help improve your nutrition and health

Losing several teeth means a set limit on the diets to take and some to avoid. With such limitations, you will likely not get the proper nutrients for your overall wellness. However, dental implants enable you to consume your favorite chewy, crunchy, healthy meals just like your original teeth. Implants are also manufactured in a way they can withstand hard bites and can protect your gums against gingivitis. This will be a significant boost for your nutrition and general health.

You don’t need anchor teeth for dental implants

Unlike dental bridges requiring more than two anchors to replace a tooth, implants can stand independently. In most cases, the anchors are used to support the Pontic. Dental implants on the hand don’t use anchors since they are inserted into the jawbone, supporting the entire replaced tooth.

Get Affordable Dental Implants In Greenwich!

Numerous conditions can lead to tooth loss, and some are inevitable. Nevertheless, that should be your new regular! If you have been looking for a way to reclaim your smile in vain, then you are lucky, for Greenwich dentistry will sort out your needs. With an expert team and advanced technology, your implant procedure will be tailored to meet your individualized needs.

You, too, deserve a gorgeous smile! Please schedule your appointment with us today!

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