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6 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

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If you are looking to transform your body for aesthetic or sports related reasons, look no further than a professional personal trainer. Some individuals tend to shy away from personal trainer as they relate them to army drill sergeants who will stop at nothing to make you achieve your goals, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here is a list of reasons why personal trainers are great for helping you meet your objectives.

  1. Education

Personal trainers are different to your run of the mill fitness instructors, they have higher qualifications and hold multiple certificates in areas such as nutrition, physiology and sports psychology. They can create and adapt specific programmes which are designed to help you meet your desired goals, they know how to effectively motivate clients without pushing them to hard causing unwanted injuries.

  1. Mechanics

Hiring a personal trainer to help you exercise is perfect for learning both basic and advanced movements, they know exactly how to demonstrate the correct form which hugely decreases the chance of muscle or joint injuries. A personal trainer won’t leave your side while you exercise, ensuring you carry out each movement correctly, one of the most important parts of weight training is to exercise using precise body mechanics to maximise results.

  • Personalised Programmes

At gyms such as Absolute Body Solutions, personal trainers can create a personalised programme which is designed specifically for you. In contrast, if you attend most regular gyms you usually end up with a standardised exercise programme which is intended to suit almost anybody who walks through the front door. We all know that we are unique individuals, who respond to aerobic and weight bearing exercises quite differently, as a result, our programmes must be designed to suit our own ability and requirements.

  1. Goal Setting

Personal trainers will help you set realistic, achievable goals and objectives. They know how to carry out accurate assessments and can create genuine goals for you to achieve, this supports your progress and helps to keep you psychologically motivated. If you set unrealistic goals, you can end up demotivated and give up on your programme. They not only know about exercise science, but they can provide essential advice on key areas such as diet and hydration.

  1. Sports Specific

If you are training for reasons other than aesthetics, personal trainers can design a workout routine which will help you achieve your goals. For example, if you are training for a triathlon and must make a certain time for qualification purposes, a personal trainer can create a routine which improves your personal best times. They can help you achieve that level of fitness you desire.

  1. Schedule

Personal trainers can fit into your schedule, they are available at your gym, the local park, and can also make home visits if necessary.

Whatever the reason, hiring a personal trainer has a huge variety of benefits, the above is just a small sample of the many associated advantages.

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