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How to recognize early warning signs of stomach cancer!

How to recognize early warning signs of stomach cancer

Stomach related cancer has become common. In the recent times, there is a rise in the number of people who are suffering from this ailment. 6 out of 10 people are diagnosed with stomach cancer at 65 years of age or after.

Gauging the presence of this ailment is easier with the following early warning signs of stomach cancer. You can have the look below:

  • Rectal bleeding also makes it worth going for medical help. If you are having stools in the blood then it indicates the bad health of your intestine. Rectal bleeding is also a result of presence of tumor which makes the blood to ooze out from the rectum.
  • Indigestion: If you have frequent indigestion then you are heading towards a possible scenario of stomach cancer. Many times, you feel acid reflux which is normal after taking spicy and heavy meals. But when this thing persists for a longer time, say, more than two months, then you need to seek a medical checkup. Food reflux is not normal; it may indicate the presence of tumor growing up in your body. This tumor will secrete some enzymes which troubles with digestion.
  • If you have heart burn on a continuous basis, there are signs of stomach cancer. This is an early warning sign about which you have to be cautious about. Heartburn is also a sign of indigestion which is often caused when you feel bloated for a long time. If this heart burn remains for a longer time then you need to seek a medical help as soon as possible.
  • If there is an obstruction in small intestine, then you will feel full after appetite. This is a kind of aversion that your body develops. This is a sign which should not be ignored as this indicates the presence of tumor in the stomach. This also leads to bloating which has some serious repercussions on your health.
  • Highly fatigued, if you feel fatigued then you are probably heading towards a danger. This is a clear indication that you are suffering from nutritional deficiency. You will feel tired and you will also be having low blood count too. This whole scenario also makes you feel breath shortness and calls for an immediate medical advice.
  • Bloating and constipation are the signs that you shouldn’t ignore. If this feeling of bloating persists for a long time, you are going to face problems in your health condition.
  • Abdominal pain also leads to various problems and this is a clear indication which can make the matter worse for you. If there is a hard lump in the abdominal area you have a bad gut health and this can be felt by pressing the abdomen.

Stomach cancer is also gauged by the help of the above characteristics. You can also seek out for a medical help as soon as possible which ensures that you are recovered from the ailment in early stage.

All the symptoms of the disease are mentioned above for your convenience. So have a deep insight into these and take action as suited.

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