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7 questions you must ask a Rehab Provider before enrolling in an Addiction Recovery Program:

Addiction Recovery

The rate of addiction in the US is at its highest than ever. And while the number of effective treatments options for the addicts willing to recover is increasing in number, this also makes a perfect opportunity for frauds to dupe people seeking quality rehab facilities. These centers claim their pseudo-scientific methods effective and offer questionable research as the result of their practices. It is utmost important to pay attention while selecting a rehab for yourself or for someone beloved. Here is a list of questions that one must ask a rehab facility provider before enrolling in the program:

  1. What is the accreditation or licensing that the program holds?

There are two major accreditation and licensing authorities National accreditation programs & state licensing. While the National accreditation programs offer accreditation based on the researches and outcomes the state licensing parameters may vary from one state to another.

  1. What are the credentials of the clinical staff of the rehabilitation center?

It is important that the clinical staff of any facility meets the nationally recognized standards for professional practice. This can be only checked by the accreditation and licensing certificates of the clinical staff. The common accreditation held by professionals include LADC (licensed alcohol and drug counselor), LPC (licensed professional counselor), CAC (certified addictions counselor), or CCDP (certified co-occurring disorders counselor).

  1. What ratio of Patient-to-counselor do they maintain?

Rehabs that maintain a healthy Patient-to-counselor ratio must be preferred because of successful recovery, it is important to seek personalized care from the facility. Small group sizes are easy to monitor and the counselor can easily cater to individual needs of different categories of addicts.

  1. Do they offer gender-specific treatment?

There are research-based proofs that men and women both have different recovery mechanism when it comes to addiction treatment. Be it alcohol or any other drug gender-specific treatment is much more efficient than common treatment option. No doubt that a mixed participation by male and females is at times preferred but in normal circumstances, gender-based treatment is assured to offer better results.

  1. Do they practice medical detoxification as a part of their inpatient treatment program?

It is proved that a medically supervised medical detox program boosts the pace of rehabilitation and is often treated as the first step of any addiction recovery program. It is good if the rehab facility practices medical detoxification as you will have higher chances of early recovery with medical assistance.

6. Do they offer individualized addiction treatment programs?

The treatment needs of two individuals are never same; thus to offer an effective treatment, the facilities must provide a personal approach for treatment program development. The program should be tailor-made to suit specific history, issues, and needs of an individual.

7. What areas of treatment do they cover? Does the facility employ a 360-degree approach to treatment?

Addiction is not a physical disease; instead, it is an insidious disease that affects a human in many ways. An ideal addiction treatment program must address a number of issues pertaining to the physical, mental, psychological, social and spiritual health of an individual. Ensuring enough focus on all these facets of an addict’s life makes an addiction recovery programs efficient and result-oriented.

Addiction can be successfully treated only if you choose the best service provider. These are the top 7 questions that you must ask the rehab providers before you seek admission in their addiction treatment program.

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