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7 really simple tips to become less acidic with alkaline lifestyle


Are you that kind of person whose life revolves around soda, meat, chocolates, and meat? It is bad for your health. It’s so bad that this can even cause kidney failure and severe acidity and much more. Take the decision of changing this lifestyle today. Your acidic stomach is cursing you for not providing with better food that will make it more alkaline and less acidic. Alkaline pH will protect your stomach from harming the membranes of organs. You can get the alkaline body in various ways. So let’s get started to know seven ways of how to alkalize your body.

Check PH level every single day:

If you do not know how acidic or how alkaline your stomach is how will you get alkaline body! You can easily get PH strips to know the alkaline pH of your body. It is a pretty fast and easy process. You can use your saliva or urine to know this. If you keep a track then you will know exactly how to work on your diet. 7.4 is the ideal or neutral PH level of our body. The higher it goes the more alkaline it is. The lower it is the acid is more there.

Start the day with lemon water:

You may find it dumb as lemon is acidic. But trust me lemon improves metabolism that will help you get energy. It also optimizes the enzyme function. It makes the liver deliver its enzymes that assist the liver with washing toxins. It is the best way to give a kick-start to a day. But do not add sugar to it. Add a little bit of honey for sweetening. If you do not want to taste lemon go for the baking soda. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to a glass of water. It improves energy and ensures our well-being.

Dark and green vegetables are your best friend:

Healthy food means green vegetables. There is no other way to eat healthy without greens. Make green vegetables easily available whenever you are hungry. It will make the habit of eating it more. Or you will never be able to get out of artificial colors and sugar. Eat spinach, kale, cucumber, broccoli, avocado and so many more vegetables. They will work together for balancing your PH level.


Your body will restrain its neutral PH balance if you exercise every day. Concentrate on aerobic exercise because studies show that this works best for maintaining the alkaline balance. It will improve your overall health as well.

Say no to alcohol:

Alcohol changes the PH balance of our body. Our kidney alters substances from our blood. But alcohol does not let it do its duty by altering its ability. Thus it takes a toll on your metabolism and overall health. So cut off alcohol completely for living the better life.

Control yourself from acidic foods:

If you reduce the amount of acidic food from your diet it will help you in so many ways. Your bone density will be better. You will not have the kidney stone. Symptoms of acid reflux will not show up. Limit the amount of pasta, walnuts, and peanuts. Soda and sugar are complete no. Do not forget to cut your caffeine drink like tea or coffee.

Drink alkaline water:

Alkaline water has so many benefits. It slows down the aging process, protect us from diseases and regulate the PH level of our body. Alkaline water removes the acid from your body. It has a PH level of 8or 9. After you have it you will understand what all the hype on this is.


Concentrating on a good diet gives us better health. This is something we all want for ourselves. Taking care does not take much other than being a little bit concerned about what to eat or not. This is why we provided some ways on how to alkalize your body and making your body less acidic.

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