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An overview about VSD


With VSD you are likely to come across a hole in the septum. This is the separation point in relation to the lower chambers of your heart. In medical terms it goes by the name of a hole in the heart. Through this hole the blood flows from the left side of your heart to the right one. This leads to a situation where the oxygen is pumped back on to the lungs and this is instead of the body. The net result would be that the heart is forced to work a lot harder as well. This accounts for nearly 30 % of all the type of congenital heart defects. You are likely to face it at the time of birth in most cases. All these problems have a definite say in the development of the heart.

Though you cannot confer the fact that there is any direct role, but the environment along with genetic issues during the pregnancy of the mother have a say. This same policy applies in case of certain medicines or if you are into smoking or drinking as well. In most cases it is common at the time of birth, but you can acquire it at a later stage in life once you have had a heart attack. Do opt for the best doctor for VSD treatment in India as this works out to be the best in the medical world. The surgeons have hands on experience with the success rate on the higher side and complications being next to zero.

You could find the defect at many locations and sizes at the same time. Here the size along with the location does have a say in terms of treatment options for your child and you can figure out the decision that has to be made in terms of surgical choice. At the same time this disorder could emerge with other type of congenital heart disorders.

The hole may get bigger, smaller or close on its own without the need for any form of treatment as well.  For this reason the doctor may not straight away jump to surgery as they are going to wait and monitor the symptoms. For them they would like to find out whether you can ease the occurrence of it with a host of medicines.

If the child is prone to VSD, then there is a strong chance that they are suffering from heart murmur as well. if the hole is smaller it does go on to make a lot of noise than a large hole and when the VSD closes the hole does become larger in size. Some of the other symptoms that you might come across are

  • Poor feeding
  • If a lack of weight gain or loss is faced
  • If the pace of breathing is at a fast pace or you are facing shortness of breath
  • You are going to become tired easily

If large and moderate levels of symptoms are found in relation to VSD it can be figured out easily.

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