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Addicted to Depression Medication: How to Get Clean in Skokie

Addicted to Depression Medication

Depression is probably one of the most controversial and most argued medical conditions of the 21st century. Treating depression can be challenging according to Drug Rehab Skokie. Properly diagnosing it is even more challenging. Many Americans feel that depression is highly over-diagnosed, as the medical field has yet to produce a clinical test for depression or the lack there of. So much of diagnosis for such a condition is the doctor’s own observation of the patient. As the mood and manifestations and mannerisms of an individual can change on a day to day basis, this often leads to incorrect or over exaggerated diagnosis.

Once one is labeled with depression, he or she is usually prescribed medications for it. The next problem is right around the corner. Many people get addicted to their medications and are now suddenly hooked on a drug that they might not have had to have been taking to begin with. Some people may experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if they abruptly stop taking their medications too, which makes ceasing to take them on one’s own next to impossible. Drug Rehab Skokie is determined to fight a lot of these withdrawal symptoms are a sign of physical dependence, and the mental and personal desire to keep taking the drugs is a sign of mental addiction itself.

The Problem in Skokie

Skokie has set the bar now for one of the most overmedicated cities in the United States. The entire Chicago area for that matter is suffering with major addiction problems, and Skokie is one city in this area that really has it bad right now and has had it bad for quite some time. The truth of the matter is that it is prescription drugs and heroin that have made the biggest impacts by far in these areas.

It is not just Skokie though that is suffering says Drug Rehab Skokie. There are other areas too that have come under pretty intensive substance abuse problems all across the nation with depression medications and other types of psychiatric drugs. For example, (being that Skokie is a predominantly White and Caucasian city):

  • A recent and very intriguing and interesting study of undergraduate college students and their relation to depression medication abuse published in the Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse found that whites and Hispanics were more likely to have issues surrounding drug abuse than their Asian and African American counterparts were.
  • Obviously these were the two who had the biggest substance abuse problems. Certainly, the Caucasians in the United States have much bigger problems with heroin and prescription drugs than any other race does, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.
  • Whites were found to abuse depression meds at a rate two to three times that of Asians, Hispanics, and African Americans.

How to Address Addiction to Pills

For those addicted to prescription drugs of any kind in Skokie, they will have to look into inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations as the most beneficial option for helping them kick their drug habit. With inpatient rehab, they will not only be able to detox off of the drugs that they are hooked on safely, but they will also be able to finally look into counseling and therapy options that will ultimately handle their depression so they will never have to take medications for it again. This is the key to not only beating addiction in Skokie, but to also beating depression too.

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