A Healthy Partnership of Massage Therapy and Pilates

A Healthy Partnership of Massage Therapy and Pilates
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Today a lot of spa studios offer not only spa therapies and procedures but also pilates classes to their clients. According to professionals clients having both massage and pilates get twice more benefits from the combination of two. Moreover, some massage instructors also train in pilates classes in order to incorporate and combine both techniques together even more.

Some studios offer massage as a part of pilates classes which leads to deeper incorporation and better result of sessions. On the other hand, if you can find Thai massage therapist who truly understands the benefits of pilates you will definitely be able to discuss where to go and what instructor to work with.

The Mind-Body Experience

Both pilates and Thai massage therapies are about controlling your mind with body and your body with mind. You can learn to build personal physical strength and flexibility, reduce stress level, improve posture and undoubtedly relieve chronic pains. Massage therapist can also influence special points in the body that can deepen and accelerating all these processes. With the incorporation of both techniques you can expects your instructor and therapist to work on your core, or “powerhouse,” of the body – lower back, the abdominal muscles, hips, and buttocks. Level of stress and anxiety will lower while the concentration will rise.

Integration of Two Techniques

Both pilates instructor and Thai massage therapist will work with your body to promote better blood circulation, feed muscles, bones, and internal organs with oxygen and nutrients for the proper functioning. Pilates as well as massage promotes flexibility and also significantly reduces muscle tension and stiffness. With the physical exercises present in pilates technique one will get stronger and more flexible muscles, consequently improving posture and balance. Most frequently it is advised to go for a relaxation massage therapy after the pilates class to reach the best result.

According to experts with the incorporation and integration of pilates trainings with massage therapy one can eliminate chronic pain and tension points. Many massage therapists explain and so prove the idea that if a person has strong coming back pains at some points of their body, only specific trainings can help them build their muscles to relief that pain, while massage can accelerate this process. Separately both techniques will work, but much slower, while with the incorporation of both you can get faster and better results.

Exactly because of the idea of incorporation both Thai massage and pilates trainings professionals advise to find pilates instructor who knows about the beneficial symbiosis of both and who will be able to give advice about massage therapists in the area to work with.

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