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Choosing The Best Drug Test Kit For Your Workplace


When it is about workplace drug screening, not all kits are created equal. There is a very sophisticated and refined degree to technology that goes into the manufacturing of these drug testing kits and, just like all products, there are ways that corners can be cut to bring down the cost, generally at the detriment of quality. So what are the effects of using a poor drug screening solution, and what can you look out for to ensure that you are using a quality kit?

False Positives

A false positive is generally caused when the test kit reacts with a legitimate drug that an individual may be consuming due to a certain health condition. When this occurs it can lead to embarrassment to the person, possibly even spoil their career and waste a lot of money in spending the samples away for laboratory tests.

A quality drug screening kit will certainly offer a lower rate of false positives as it is mainly designed to be as particular as possible to the drug that you are screening for. If you see a large number of false positives in your workplace, chances are that the manufacture has considered using generic components which are less particular.

False Negatives

False negatives take place when a drug which has been consumed by an individual and is not picked up by the drug screening kit in use. There are various factors which perhaps be causing the false negatives:

  • The person has added an ‘adulterant’ to their sample
  • The level of drug in the individual’s system is just too low for the screening kit to detect
  • Inferior materials are used in the manufacturing of the kit and the drug is has not reacted as it should
  • Choosing the best kit

Is Your Drug Kit Certified?

Before you buy a drug testing kit, you need to check if it is certified or not. Certification certainly offers guarantee of the quality as some of the manufacturers switch to lower quality components after it has passed. These modifications perhaps mean that the kits are less effective compared to the one that was tested for the certification.

Make sure your drug testing kit manufactured in the USA must meet the strict FDA requirements. The USA manufactured kits always use the same materials. This creates reliability between the batches and the different versions that pass the certification is likely to be the same that is for sale even years after they get the tick.

If you are concerned about the quality of the drug testing kit, offers you with a wide range of high quality but affordable kits which are manufactured keeping in mind the high standards.

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