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Chronic disease and pregnancy

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For every aspiring parent, pregnancy can prove to be a wonderful phase. There are many who do experience smooth pregnancy and delivery of the baby. However, there are the less unfortunate ones who might face complications during this crucial stage of life. Pregnancy can be impacted upon greatly by chronic disease. It is likely to transform those beautiful days into real nightmare, something that no one would like to experience. Hence, those planning to become mothers or are pregnant need to be careful and wary and ensure that they visit their physicians regularly to ensure better and complication-free birth outcomes.

Chronic diseases

According to the medical experts, chronic experts are said to be associated with fertility among many. There are many women suffering from chronic disease and not being in a position to conceive a baby, if not availed proper and timely treatment. Lower fertility is often experienced by pregnant women suffering from rheumatic episode, epilepsy, PCO (polycystic ovarian) syndrome, endometriosis and vitamin B12 deficiency. In such a case, the best pregnancy communities recommend ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) or IVF (in vitro fertilization). Those having higher risk pregnancy chances are to get priority medical care.

Knowing about high risk pregnancy

There are many women who would like to know as to how normal pregnancy is to be differentiated from the high risk ones. According to the experts, the latter includes few factors such as severe pulmonary hypertension, chronic diseases, heart problems, mitral and aortic valve defects, along with addictive disorders like drugs and alcohol, insulin obligatory diabetes. It also includes chronic intrauterine infections such as toxoplasmosis, HIV, HSV and CMV.

Survey studies conducted have shown chronic diseases to have greater impact upon pregnancy. This was proved by conducted research upon pregnant women comprising of two groups. The first group included few healthy women, while the other comprised of those chronically ill child-bearing ones. Study is based upon diseases which are not pregnancy related and has huge influence on the neonatal outcome.

The process involved face to face interviews with the pregnant women, abstraction estimations from medical reports, evaluation of sociodemographic, self applied questionnaires along with their health status. Chronic diseases also were included in the health status of such childbearing women. Comprehensive peri and pre natal assessments were done.

The studies found out the following:

  • Prenatal complications noticed in being more frequent among healthy women when compared to those who are chronically ill.
  • Those suffering from chronic illness required C-section delivery method more than that of healthy women.
  • One among ten pregnant women having minimum of one chronic illness were found to give birth to premature child. But one out of thirteen women in healthy group gave premature baby.

Chronic disease does have long term effect even after delivery of the baby. Hence, those suffering from chronic diseases tend to suffer from anxiety and need to consult pregnancy online community to get proper solutions. With proper planning and using advanced medical process, problem free pregnancy can be experienced.

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