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How safe are Testosterone medications and supplements for men and women


Testosterone hormone is naturally produced in our body. With age, the level of Testosterone production declines in both men and women. Thus the importance of Replacement therapy comes into existence. To boost the level of Testosterone hormone, you can look around for medications and drugs that are available as over the counter medications. In general, medical experts can prescribe drugs that contain the hormone testosterone for you.

Natural Testosterone hormone

In males, Testosterone is produced by testicles where as the hormone is produced by ovaries in women. The level of hormone produced in females is much lower as compared to males. With age, the production of the hormone is both male and female declines naturally. This is why you have to look around for medications that can help increase the level of production of this hormone in your body.

According to experts, the level of testosterone hormone declines at the age of 40 years. Aging is one of the reasons for this decline in production of the hormone. Experts also suggest that till 65 years of age, any Testosterone supplement drugs should be avoided in most cases.   One of the main reasons to avoid drugs treatments is because it can lead to overweight problems in both men and women.

Doctor’s recommendations

Experts suggest using Testosterone hormone medication that has very less percentage of the hormone. The medications can be used by both men and women to enhance the quality of life. The medication is also ideal for people suffering from dysfunction problems and lower sexual performance that is mainly caused by hypognadism.

The medication is also recommended for people who suffer from HIV and AIDS. Such people generally face reduced libido conditions. The medication has proved effective in enhancing their libido performance.

Why experts suggest using lower Testosterone level drugs?

One of the main reasons for recommending using drugs that are having less hormone level is because the hormone is considered as a very strong hormone. Over dosage of drugs can also lead to a number of other health related conditions. The drugs are also available in various forms including Gels, spray, cream and lotion. Before purchasing it is advisable to consult your doctor and request for the right prescription. You should take drugs that contain the hormone testosterone only after it is prescribed by your health expert. The medication is also available as injection or pill.

How helpful is the prescribed drug?

The drug is helpful in treating numerous conditions in both men and women alike. Some of the conditions may be on account of metabolic changes in the body at certain age. Basically it is helpful in treating sexual dysfunction and boosting sexual performance.

Experts also suggest that the drug is useful in treating emotional related conditions due to decreased ability to focus or concentrate. Apart from this other factor should also be considered when under prescribed medication. Some of these factors include:-

  • Changes in your regular diet by including foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins.
  • Including exercise sessions in your daily routine.
  • Reducing the intake of alcohol and other such drinks.

Prescribed medications prove helpful in enhancing your mood, improving attitude and behavior along with enhancing your body muscle mass.

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