Debunking The Factors that hinder and promote hair growth


Growing hair is the act of growing someone’s hair by various means like mechanical and chemical. For years this is one of the things that some culture and some people are conscious about (who do you think discovered keratin?). Technically hair growth occurs every day, the problem has always been on how to hasten it to favor the person that wanted to grow it faster than the average human being,

To have an effective regimen for faster hair growth, one must understand how hair growth occurs and how their actions can affect it. Regardless if your means is artificial or natural, the most important thing is to have a healthier hair and this is where the concept of hair growth revolves in. The healthier the hair the faster it can increase its length.

The factors that hinder hair growth: There are factors that hinder hair growth. These are controlled and uncontrolled factors. Uncontrolled factors are genetics and age. While genetics is a non-controllable occurrence, there’s no denying that the greatest enemy of hair growth is age. As we age keratin becomes lesser and it has been often remedied thru various treatments. The controllable factor is health and nutrition. If the body is healthy including the scalp, it can hasten the hair growth, nutrition would also help to make the scalp healthy and in turn the hair healthy.

The other factors that hinder hair growth: There has been this notion that stress and smoking is not something that can affect hair growth, but it does. Studied show that stress and smoking can actually stiffen muscles and even shrink blood vessels. The scalp needs a good amount of nutrient supply and the only way that, that will happen is if the blood vessels are healthy. Hair growth can also be attributed to proper diet. Proper diet means nutrients are ample to be distributed in various parts of the body including the scalp. The better the nutrition is, the healthier the scalp is.

The means to help hair grow: One of the ways to make hair grow faster is by adding chemicals to the mix like keratin and taking other hair supplements. These chemicals promise to increase hair growth, thicken and strengthen it all at the same time. Most of the time this is an effective way, but the question would be is, will it be safe if you keep using it for years?. In these cases, you need to do some research on which chemicals you will use that will work for you. This is still a hit or miss thing since effects of these hair growth formulas are subjective in nature.

If your question is how to grow your hair faster and longer, there are many ways to do it and one of the things that are very popular is proper diet and nutrition. Although there are various factors that are uncontrolled that can hinder or slow hair growth like hereditary and age, this does not erase the fact that a hair will grow longer. Viscal Professional has a great hair supplement for you that is effective to help you grow your hair. It might not an overnight success but it can help speed it up, check it out.

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