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The diapers are very necessary for babies. Due to the children up to five years old who have no toilet training, the parents use this diapers. But nowadays in the market,people get cloth diapers. A question will arise in our mind – “what is a cloth diaper? “. The main ingredient of cloth diaper is cotton. It absorbs quickly. Not only that these diapers protect their babies soft skin. People can savea lot of money to buy this cotton diapers. The best cloth diaper people get in the market is OsoCozyPre-folds Unbleached Cloth Diapers.


People use this cloth diaper named OsoCozyPre-folds Unbleached Cloth Diapers which is really soft, most absorbent for infants (less than 5 years old). The newborn babies to 5 years old babies generally use diapers or plastic pants. There is six pre-folds cloth diapers in one packet. This diaper is made of 100% unbleached Indian cotton. It is extremely softy diaper. The dimension of this diaper is 30.5×2.5×40.6 cm. The middle of the inner side of the diaper has eight layers for a great absorbance and the outer side has four layers. People can wash and dry this diaper 2 or 3 times. People can wash this diaper to omit the natural cotton oils in a washing machine or line dry. The service quality and the quality of this cloth diaper both are better than other diapers. This product is manufactured by OsoCozy.

Features & Details:

This diaper has a great customer review i.e. 4.6 out of 5 stars. It was available first time in the market on 23rd Oct 2013. It has many features, they are enlisted below:

  • According to the internet, this type of diapers isthe softest, most absorbent material and highly durable for infants.
  • The size ranges from 7-15 lbs. to 1 fit infant. This diaper measures 12×16” for washing and 5-10% will be shrunk
  • Due to the 8 layer in the middlepanel and 4 layers in the outer panel, its level of absorbance reaches very high. So this diaper offers plenty of absorbency and durability.
  • People can wash and dry this diaper 2 or 3 times.
  • This is a good quality diaper.
  • When people cannot use it as a diaper, then they use it to polish rag or useful material etc.
  • People can easily maintain this diaper. This diaper is suitable for babies’ skin.


There are some negativities to use this diapers. Some babies are not feeling well because this diaper is a little tight on the waist and very long. Not only that near some users, it is not that absorbent.


People can wash this diaper. This diaper is made of cotton materials. So, it requires a perfect way of washing. If people cannot follow it, then this diaper will be damaged.


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