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Where to Go to Get Help with Addictions to Alcohol or Drugs


Drug or alcohol addiction can occur at any age, but it usually begins when a person is young. If you remain using drugs in spite of values that are harmful consequences, you could be nearing addiction. It is vital to talk with a family medical professional – your future and health could be at stake.

Friends or family

Have any of your friends or family told you that you are beginning to behave differently for what looks like no apparent reason – such as acting withdrawn, most of the time depressed or tired, or even hostile? You need to listen and ask yourself if perhaps they are right – and it is time to be honest with yourself. These are the changes that could be a sign that you are developing an alcohol or drug-related problem. Parents often overlook such signs, believing them to only be a normal part of growing up. Only you really know for sure if you are developing a drug problem.


Signs of addiction

Here are some other signs:

  • Hanging out with different friends;
  • Not taking care of your appearance;
  • School grades are dropping;
  • Skipping school or missing classes;
  • Losing interest in what were your favourite activities;
  • In trouble at school or with the law;
  • Having problems with eating and sleeping;
  • Problems with parents or other members of your family.

Stopping on your own

This repeated use of drugs or alcohol changes your brain. Areas of the brain change – that are needed to learn and remember, make decisions that are good and able to control yourself. Quitting is hard, even for those who feel ready. You need to find some help from treatment centers that your family physician might recommend for you.

For places to get help or to find further information go to Phoenix Alcohol Treatment Center

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