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Etiquette Tips for Smoking E-Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

Even though there have been no smoking-related diseases linked to electronic cigarettes as there have been to tobacco cigarettes, you should be mindful about where you vape. It is illegal to smoke e-cigarettes in many public places, despite the lack of evidence of health risks. Here are some etiquette tips for enjoying electronic cigarettes.

Where Vaping Is Okay

After you have purchased your electronic cigarettes and e-juice from sites like, you need to know where vaping is allowed and where it is illegal. Of course, some common sense can help you figure this out on your own as well. It is okay to enjoy e-cigarettes in these situations:

  • Home – Unless you live in a rental and the property owner has strictly forbidden smoking, then you can vape in your own home. The ‘smoke’ produced by electronic cigarettes is actually water vapour, so it won’t stain your furniture and the smell usually doesn’t linger long.
  • Driving – Although smoking is banned while driving, it is okay to vape as of this point in time. Even though the ‘smoke’ isn’t toxic like it is in tobacco cigarettes, you will still want to crack open your window so it doesn’t obscure your sight when you’re driving. In addition, some e-juice vapours may stick to the glass, so you will want to clean it occasionally if you do vape in your car.
  • Private Businesses – Most businesses do not permit vaping, as there are no-smoking laws on the books. However, some pubs and cafes, especially if they have outdoor seating, do allow e-cigarette usage. If in doubt, ask a manager before you ‘light’ up.
  • Public Venues – Generally, you cannot smoke in public places because of no-smoking laws. To avoid any problems, just leave your e-cigs at home or in your pocket until you are in your car or at home.

Vaping around People

Be polite when you want to vape around your friends or family. If you are among non-smokers, ask if it is okay to indulge yourself before you start vaping. If people object, don’t argue with them, just put it away until you are alone or among others who don’t mind if you vape.

If you are with other smokers, then there should not be an issue if they are puffing away as well. In fact, it may be a good way to introduce others to vaping as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco products. However, do not proselytise to people to get them to stop smoking tobacco products, as that can be annoying and seem condescending to others.

Do not smoke around children, since the effects of e-cig vapours are still unknown, and some of the scents could trigger sneezing if they are allergic to the flavour that you’re smoking. In addition, do not vape around pets at all. Cats, and to a lesser extent dogs, cannot be around the vapours as it can cause anaemia in animals. If you are in doubt about vaping around others, be courteous and refrain from smoking.

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