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How Do We Take Care Of Braces That Work On The Teeth?


People of any age can get solution for ortho-dental problems with the treatment. Though the early years of age is most preferable as head and mouth are still growing and teeth are more accessible to straightening. It depends upon the treatment plan that you choose. Though generally, it consists of one year or two year plan. After which a retainer is set up that aligns tissue surrounding straightened teeth.

Is it uncomfortable?

The wires that interconnect braces are tightened up at each visit to the dentist. It may result in teeth getting sore, but the discomfort is for a brief span of time. It should also be noted that some teeth may be extracted to make space for the teeth and jaw alignment.

Points to be taken care of when your teeth are with braces:

It should be noted that a person having teeth with braces may cut down on sweets, soda and chips. Sugary and starchy food produce acid and plaque that may cause tooth decay and other gum problems. Even hard foods like apples and carrots should be cut into smaller pieces. Avoid sticky foods like chewing gum and caramel, hard candies and even hard snacks including chips and popcorns.

Good care should be taken that teeth are brushed after every meal with fluoride paste and soft bristle toothbrush so that food and plaque don’t get trapped in small tiny places that braces consists of. Teeth should be cleaned every six months to keep teeth and gums in a healthy condition. Insufficient cleaning of teeth with braces can cause enamel staining around bands or brackets.

A regular dentist is responsible for the entire treatment plan including orthodental procedures and diagnosis. The dentist may, however, refer the patient to an orthodontist-a specialist trained in the correction of irregular teeth and jaw displacement and related facial abnormalities.

Other points in the working of the braces on the teeth

The procedure of straightening of the teeth should be a slow process than if it will be a faster process than it could even cost all the teeth of the individual who is using dental braces and so it will take time and this is a gradual process, so one should not hurry while undergoing this kind of treatment and every person will not have the same kind of treatment because of different conditions of the teeth.

After straightening of teeth

The dental braces will be removed after the teeth will become straight and will give a natural look to the teeth of the individual who had the treatment and will have to follow some guidelines of the instructor after completion of the process.

You should choose an experienced Dental Care provider who understands your problem and provide treatment according to it only. The cost of Dental treatment is very high so check insurance cover for the same.Take references from your friends or relatives who had already taken treatment from the specialist.You should understand about the treatment methodology and number of sittings involved in it.

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