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What is the Right Choice for Beginners, Free Weights or Machines?


If you are thinking to start bodybuilding, then strength training is a perfect way to start your bodybuilding career. In the beginning, you will need to increase your muscle strength and improve the different muscle groups in your body so that you can handle weights properly. The right amount of strength will help you to perform every exercise with great amount of ease and in the proper form. This will help you develop your muscles at a much faster rate. You may not get not as many androgenizing effects, then consult you trainer.

Free weights and machines both have their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Free Weights

Free weights such as dumbbells are good to start with. You can opt for dumbbells and with them you can perform total-body workouts. Barbells also come in this category and you can adjust the weights as per the requirement.

They are less expensive and without paying much you can increase your weights. The weights will strengthen the entire body and it is also easy to perform these exercises.

When you hold weights in your hand and start exercising, there is load on your muscles. This is the additional strain on your muscles and your strength is improved. When lifting barbells you need a spotter to help you, but in case off dumbbells, you don’t need anyone to help you. You can perform dumbbell exercises alone. There is a concern for safety when you are using free weights. When you are doing a bench press with a barbell and you failed to lift it completely, then it may fall down on your chest and could cause some injury. In this situation you are supposed to keep a spotter with you.


When you perform exercises with machines, you don’t need to care much about the safety. This is because machines are designed in such a way that you cannot be trapped, in case you fail to complete a repetition. There are different types of resistance machines available in the market.

When you exercise on machine you cannot guide the motion as it is guided by the machine. If you want to know the better choice between free weights and exercise machines, then you must opt for free weights to achieve certain level of a stabilization of the muscles. Doing exercise on machines is comparatively easy because you don’t need to hold the weights in your hand. Whatever exercise you do, the motion is predefined. If you could not as many androgenizing effects, then have a word with your trainer.

Proper Way of Exercises

Along with machines and free weights, you are also supposed to take care of the right technique because in absence of which you will not gain good results.

As a beginner you should opt for free weights and proper dieting to increase your muscle mass. Another important thing to remember while exercising is that the targeted muscle must feel strain while exercising. Suppose when you are doing triceps exercises and don’t feel much tension over triceps, then this exercise will not bring desired results. The same rule applies when you are doing bicep concentration curl.

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