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Fenantyl Addiction, Abuse And Treatment

Fenantyl Addiction Abuse And Treatment

Fenantyl is a very potent opiod administered to patients who have built resistance to other pain relieving opiods. Due to its high potency, the tendency for addiction is high. Fenantyl is a synthetic pharmaceutical drug and pain reliever which boasts of more than 50 times the potency of morphine; Fenantyl is used to treat extreme pain during surgeries or cancer treatments and intense chronic or severe pains.

Fenantyl comes in a variety of forms and it basically works by infusing pain receptors in the brain and increasing the production of the chemical dopamine. Fenantyl goes by different other names on the street like China girl, dance fever, apache and crush.

Fenantyl Abuse and Effects

Regardless of its prescribed form, the risk of abuse and addiction to Fenantyl is high. It is believed that Fenantyl epidemic could be on the horizon due to its potency and addictive nature. People who abuse Fenantyl experience a similar “high” and good feel similar to heroin.

Symptoms of Fenantyl abuse may include:

  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Joint and muscle discomfort
  • Slowed breathing
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Itching

The dangers of addiction to Fenantyl are even increased when a person without any prior tolerance to any opiods abuses the drug. The effect of an overdose is doubled for such a person. Fenantyl abuse can weaken the respiratory system to the point of total collapse.

Taking Fenantyl in combination with other illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine can cause more harm to the health of the individual.

Signs of a Fenantyl Addiction

Because most people pay little importance to the danger that addiction to Fenantyl poses as opposed to other drugs like heroin or cocaine, chances are higher that they would be more likely to intentionally or accidentally abuse it.

Fenantyl has huge effects on the brain and central nervous system, the drug causes dopamine to flood the brain and eventually alter the normal brain function. Due to these neuro-chemical alterations, the user would become more reliant on the drug and would go to any extent to have a refill once they run out, sometimes even resort to violence and crime.

The moment a person develops a significant tolerance to the narcotic properties of Fenantyl, they will rely on the medication to feel normal, leading to more consumption of the drug.

Fenantyl Addiction Treatment

Cutting out Fenantyl (cold turkey) although not anywhere near fatal, can still be a depressing process. Because of addiction, withdrawal becomes a long and painful process. Withdrawal symptoms may vary based on level of addiction ranging from irritability to sweating and restlessness. Despite the fact that Fenantyl is non fatal in most cases, patients are still susceptible to relapses and so should seek medical help supervision during the detox process.

Fenantyl addiction can be a difficult phase to overcome, in spite of this fact, conquering it is very much possible. Rehab centers exist within your locality can offer help and support the help and support you need for full recovery.

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