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Fully Ripped Abs within 90 days with Ab Ripper X

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Are you looking for fully Ab Ripper X within 90 days!! your search finally ends here. I have never been more successful at developing my abs but with Ab Ripper X workout. It is an intense 15 min workout at the end of your P90 exercise to literally carve out abs muscle. I have tried many different abs workout but all of them take time, difficult to follow and lack the structure. With Ab Ripper X plan at disposal, I don’t have to think twice before which exercise to perform. I have tried it on myself and have also trained 100s of people at my fitness centre with this workout regime. This is by far the fastest way of building core muscle proven by experts.

What Are The Ab Ripper X Exercises?

It is a set of 11 exercises designed to enhance the core strength by notching it up to another level. It usually takes 15 mins involving 25-30 reps of each. Follow this workout diligently and I can guarantee fully ripped abs muscles in 90 days. The exercises mentioned below should be performed sequentially for best results.

  • 1) In and Outs
  • 2) Bicycle
  • 3) Crunchy Frog
  • 4) Cross Leg/ Wide Leg Sit-ups
  • 5) Fifer Scissors
  • 6) Hip Rock n Raise
  • 7) Pulse Up
  • 8) V-Up Roll-Up
  • 9) Oblique V-Up
  • 10) Leg Climb
  • 11) Mason twists


  • It gets over in 15-20 minutes
  • It can be performed at home or anywhere outside
  • No equipment required
  • The fastest way of building abs


  • In addition to the normal workout, it sucks out the energy
  • It works with proper diet plan
  • It focuses more on developing core strength, not very ideal for people just looking for a good shape
  • The exercises involved are rigorous in nature and some might feel extreme fatigue at the beginning

Benefits/What to expect Ab Ripper X

It comes with a complete set of guidelines about the workout and diet plan. User doesn’t have to worry about which exercises to perform and what diet needs to be followed on different days. It gives an exhaustive plan of carrying out the activities day wise. The benefits are tangible and can be seen within few months. This is best suited for people who can’t devote much time for workouts but at the same time can’t compromise with the core strength.

Ab Ripper X Exercises (Step-by-Step-Guide)

In-and-Outs: Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you and hands up lying in air. Now slowly bend your legs bringing knees closer to the chest and then move it back in straight position. This completes 1 rep. While performing this movement ensure your back is upright. To ease it down you can place your arms on the floor.

Bicycle: After In and outs, stay in the same sitting position and raise your legs. Now start cycling them alternatively like you are peddling a bike. Choose the position of your arms according to your difficulty level.

Crunchy Frog: This is same as In and Outs, with the only difference that while bringing knees towards chest the arms wrap around it and while moving back, arms go up in the air.

Cross Leg/ Wide Leg Sit-ups: In this you need to lie down straight with your legs wide spread. Now keep hour right hand behind your head and left hand in the air. In this posture start coming up to a sitting position. Now in sitting position touch your right knee with left hand and move back. This completes 1 rep, do this for opposite hand as well.

Fifer Scissors:

Lie down with hands placed beside your hips. Raise both the legs just above the ground, keeping one leg in the same position, raise opposite leg to 90 degrees. Now bring it back, this completes 1 rep, do this for other leg also. While performing it, try to keep your legs as straight as possible and not touching the ground.

Hip Rock n Raise: Start with your feet joint together in lying position, knees facing outward and legs raised in an upright position. Now lift your hips up in the air towards the sky and not towards chest, while maintaining legs in the same position and then bring it down, this completes 1 rep.

Pulse Up: It is similar to above exercise. Lie down with legs in upright position forming a 90 degrees with the body. Now lift your hips up in the air towards the sky and bring it down, this completes 1 rep. While performing it, ensure your legs are straight.

V-Up Roll-Up: Lie down with legs straight out and perform a sit up. While returning back, move your legs up taking a tilted position raised above ground. As your back touches the ground, move it up again with arms straight and fighting to touch the toes and slowly bring them down, this completes 1 rep.

Oblique V-Up: Lie down on sideways, with knees bending taking a V shape and body resting on bottom elbow while other hand being behind head. Move your knees towards the stomach and arm up that is up in the air towards the knees with the head. Now move it back, this completes 1 rep. Perform exact number of reps while lying on opposite elbow.

Leg-Up: Lie down straight with your knees bent in V position. Lift one leg up in an upright position and raise your hands along with the shoulder to touch toes and bring them down. Repeat this with other leg and it completes 1 rep. For reducing difficulty level, you can touch some point of your leg rather than aiming for toes.

Mason Twists: Start form lying down straight on the ground, raise your legs and back a little above the ground with knees slightly bent. Join your hands together forming a fist and move them from one side to other flexing your torsos. Moving both left and right counts as 1 rep.

Final Thoughts:

In this fast paced world, health is everything. To bring the most out of your life, body strength is something which can’t be compromised. If you are looking for a ready-made on-the-go solution to building fully ripped core muscle, look for no other than Ab Ripper X.


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