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Get the Smile You Want with the Help of an Orthodontist


Everyone knows that oral problems can really take a toll on how a person feels about their smile and about themselves. Good oral health care will ensure that your teeth are strong and healthy, but if they are crooked, crowded, or oddly spaced, then you will need more than just good oral care to get the smile that you desire. When you have problems with how your teeth have come into your mouth, how they press on each other, or even how the jaw lines up, it is time to see an expert who can help take care of these issues.

Problems with Crowding and Spacing

It is very common for people of all ages to have problems with the way in which their teeth grow in. Unfortunately, if spacing or crowding problems are not taken care of, it can be difficult for people to eat comfortably or to feel confident in their appearance. Luckily, these problems are easily rectified by expert orthodontists in Melbourne. They are able to use braces to move the teeth in the mouth, and they can also remove any teeth that are too crowded. These issues cannot be fixed by a regular dentist and the patient will not “grow out” of them, meaning that professional help is necessary.

Problems with the Bite

Both posterior and anterior crossbite are common when a person suffers from uneven tooth strain and wear. The main goal of fixing these types of bites is to have the upper teeth bite on the outside of the lower teeth. While treatment for both of these types of bites is easy enough, it does have to be completed early on in life so that there is not much pain, there is a positive result, and the patient has a normal bite as soon as possible.

Missing Teeth

It is not uncommon for people to suffer from missing teeth, but this does not mean that the issue does not need to be fixed. When teeth are missing it is normal for the other teeth in the mouth to shift position to try to fill in the gap that they left behind. This leads to spaces in the mouth that are unattractive and makes it difficult to eat and drink healthy foods. Using braces and artificial teeth to improve the appearance of the smile and replace any missing teeth will quickly take care of this problem.

With all of the advancements in oral care, you no longer have to live with a smile that you don’t love. Working with an orthodontist in your area who understands how to take care of oral problems, will work with you to develop the smile that you want, and understands best care practices will ensure that you are happy and healthy through the treatment.


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