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How Often Should You See the Optician

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An optician is a type of eye doctor that is somewhat specialised. They design, create, and dispense corrective lenses. You’ll need to go to an optician if you think you might need your first pair of glasses or if you are looking to have your prescription tested. These experts will test your eyes and determine what types of corrective lenses, if any, are right for you. Every eye is different, and thus the corrective lenses will be different as well.

Different Types of Vision

Many people think of the eye test as merely determining if you have 20/20 vision or some other determination. That designation is a fairly simplistic one. It determines that you have vision at 20 feet that most people have at 20 feet. However, it does not indicate if you have worse vision at 50 feet, if your peripheral vision is compromised, and so on. These are all things that you will find if you search for eye care near me.

An optician will determine the health of your eyes and design your lenses accordingly. The type of lens you have and the strength of the correction is called your prescription. The pace of your prescription changes will help determine how often you should visit an optician.

Prescription Changes

Over time, your eye shape and focus will change somewhat, which will cause changes in the specific prescription you need for your corrective lenses. If your prescription is not changing very often, then you can see an optician probably once every two years. However, if your prescription is changing more rapidly than that, you’ll need to see an optician probably once a year.

If you have some kind of difficulty with your glasses, then you might need to see the optician even more frequently than that. The decision of how often to see the optician really depends on your own prescription. The minimum is about every 24 months, but it can become much more frequent. Furthermore, you need to make sure that you are keeping track of how well you can see. If you find that you are still squinting or having a hard time seeing with your glasses on, it could be time for a new prescription.

Even if your prescription has not historically changed very much, that can change over time. Age, diet, health, weight, and much more can affect your prescription. If that happens, you need to see an optician soon. Wearing the wrong prescription can exacerbate your prescription changes. It can also cause headaches and much more. If any of these examples sounds like what you have been experiencing, then you need to schedule an appointment. If not, you should schedule one every two years if you do not already.

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