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Gingivostomatitis -Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis!


Gingivostomatitis is an inflammatory sensation in the gums and lips due to underlying health conditions. It takes place due to the entry of viruses or bacteria into the body. It is transmittable. Patients with gingivostomatitis experience pain and soreness in their gums. A lot of people also face swelling as well. Anyone can get gingivostomatitis. However, it is generally observed among children under the age of seven.

It is crucial to be aware of its symptoms to detect and get it treated effectively. Suncreek Dental Group helps in treating them effectively.

Symptoms of gingivostomatitis

After developing gingivostomatitis, the patient faces severe signs of the issue in their tongue, lips, internal area of their mouth, as well as gums. If infected, they may feel swelling or discomfort in their gums, bleeding, fever, mouth ulcers, tonsillar exudate, increased white blood cell count, discomforting blisters, sore throat, drooling, bad breath or halitosis, and other painful symptoms. Health issues arising from Gingivostomatitis can have mild to severe symptoms. However, it can cause a profound level of dehydration and swells inside the brain tissues.

Causes behind gingivostomatitis

The Problem of Gingivostomatitis arises due to the following reasons:


HSV-1 and coxsackievirus are known for triggering gingivostomatitis among young children as well as adults. They lead to numerous health-related complications.

Improper dental hygiene

Not following a proper dental regimen or improperly brushing or flossing the teeth can lead to several dental issues, including gingivostomatitis. Therefore it is suggested to brush daily and use flosses and mouthwash to ensure that your dental health is in proper condition.

Infection by bacteria

Bacteria Like Streptococcus or actinomyces are known for causing Gingivostomatitis in certain cases.

Even though children are more prone to developing gingivostomatitis, the problem is also prevalent among adults. Encountering viruses like herpes Simplex virus is one of the leading causes of this infection among adults.

Diagnosing Gingivostomatitis

Dental professionals conduct an oral assessment to check if there are ulcers, blisters, or swelling inside the mouth. Also, if it is found that the internal parts of the mouth are experiencing any bleeding, there may be chances of gingivostomatitis. A sample of the tissue is taken to check the causes of infection. The problem is generally treatable, and the patients experience quick recovery. They are suggested to practice a good dental regimen recommended by the dentist and hydrate themselves properly. They are also encouraged to avoid spicy food items and inculcate a healthier diet in their schedule.

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