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11 Causes of Spider Veins

Spider Veins

Spider veins are commonly seen on the legs but can also develop in areas including the chest, face, feet, arms, and hands. Spider veins appear near the skin’s surface, often blue, red, or flesh-colored. Spider veins’ sizes vary and look similar to a spider web. Spider veins New York are not just a cosmetic concern but also pose health issues. Knowing the causes can help you take preventive measures to avoid developing spider veins. Below are the top spider veins causes.

1. Genetics

Some people are at risk of developing broken capillaries because of their family genes. If a family member, such as a parent or sibling, has spider veins, you are at a high risk of developing the condition.

2. Pregnancy

As pregnant women nurture their unborn babies, the increased blood flow results in the swelling of veins. Also, the enlarged uterus affects the veins, putting more pressure on them. Additional weight put on during the pregnancy can also cause spider veins.

4. Hormonal changes

Changes in hormones can occur during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. The production of Estrogen and Progesterone can cause spider veins as these hormones weaken your valves. Undergoing hormone-based treatment can also influence this condition.

4. Medical Conditions

Various medical conditions cause spider veins. Conditions like liver damage, the development of inflamed veins (phlebitis), and blood clots can obstruct the blood flow in the veins.

5. Sun exposure

Prolonged sun exposure or even using hot water can make your current spider veins more visible. Exposure to different temperatures can cause or worsen spider veins. This is because collagen under the skin is damaged.

6. Obesity

When you are obese, extra pressure is put on the capillaries in your legs, causing them to break. It is good to exercise and maintain a healthy diet and weight to reduce the possibility of developing broken capillaries.

7. Age

The more you age, the greater the possibility of developing spider veins. This is because the valves in your veins weaken and do not work as efficiently.

8. Smoking

Smoking causes the oxidation of cells, which can harm your circulatory system. Smoking can result in less resistant and weaker capillaries most likely to break.

9. Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption can damage the liver, which influences the formation of spider veins. Alcohol can also increase your blood pressure resulting in swelling and breaking blood vessels.

10. Trauma

Blood vessels are directly under the skin and are extremely sensitive. They can break in various ways, including due to trauma. For instance, scrubbing the face aggressively and using some cosmetic products can damage your capillaries.

11. Leg injuries

People who have experienced leg injuries in the recent past may have increased or decreased blood flow, and this can contribute to spider veins. Also, individuals who spend a lot of time standing or sitting are most likely to have poor blood circulation leading to spider veins.

Spider veins are more prevalent in women than in men. They can be unsightly, which can make you self-conscious. Luckily, spider veins can be treated and restore your natural appearance. Call or visit Upper East Side Cardiology to learn more about Spider veins and the treatment options available.

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