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Heal the pains with the help of shockwaves


Pain is the natural thing that is faced by most of the people across the globe. Each and every human being is suffering the various types of pains that include the ear pain, head ache, muscular pain, leg pain, and joint pain and so on. Each of these pains causes due to the various kinds of reasons that varies from person to person. Similarly, the treatments are also different for the people who are suffering from these kinds of pains. The medical industry has seen the major growth in the recent times that makes the treatments which are very much simple and are very much effective. These are available in almost all the clinics and most of the professional doctors are proficient with these types of treatments, people are also able to afford these types of treatments. One among the highly effective treatment that is followed in almost all the hospitals that’s main intention is to reduce the pain irrespective of what the reason is. This therapy is called as the shockwave treatment which is highly used in treating the neuromuscular pains that is commonly found among most of the people across the globe.

What is shockwave therapy?

The shockwave treatment or the extracorporeal shockwave therapy is the common therapy that is non-invasive. This therapy involves the passing of the acoustic waves in the parts of the body that is injured, these waves helps in reducing the pain of the affected region and also helps in promoting the healing process. The usage of shock waves are similar to the process of the breakdown of the kidney stone, this shock waves are completely safe and does not cause any harm to the body. They are widely used to heal the different kinds of injuries that occur to the different people across the globe.

What is the use of this therapy?

 The shock wave therapies are mainly used in solving the various kinds of health issues in the body. They are as follows:

Decreases the pain:

It is found that the pain is usually caused due to the lack of blood flow in the body; thus, this shock wave therapy helps in increasing the blood flow thereby reducing the pain. It also provides the extra energy to the body and also helps in loosening the muscles and the interactions between the myosin and the actin that are present in the body. These factors generally reduce the muscle tension thereby decreasing the pain.

Helps in dispersing of the substance P:

The human body consists of the neuropeptide that functions as the transmitter for communication between the nerves. The main function of the neuropeptide is modulating the inflammation; thus, the therapy promotes the release of the neuropeptide and the histamine. These neuropeptides help in reducing the pain on the affected area and also helps in reducing the risk of the issues like oedema.

Increasing the production of collagen:

Collagen is the protein supplement in the human body which is useful in connecting the tissues all across the body. This is the main supplement that even helps in repairing the damaged ligaments of the body. Hence the therapy focuses on promoting the collagen content of the body.


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