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Health Problems Associated With Being Overweight

Health Problems Associated With Being Overweight

Know Your Numbers

There are many health problems linked to being overweight. Bodyweight adds up over time, and if left unchecked it could seriously increase one’s chances of developing serious health problems. Knowing important numbers, such as the BMI score, and waist size might help one understand their health risks. One can even consult an experienced weight management doctor like Dr. James W Stalker to better understand and prevent some of the diseases associated with being overweight. Outlined are some common health problems associated with being overweight.

Health Problems Associated With Being Overweight

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar levels are way above normal and is a major cause of heart disease, kidney failure, amputation, among others. It’s the most common type of diabetes and is mainly caused by risk factors such as family history, genes, poor diet, and low activity. The disease has been linked to obesity because a majority of adults with the disease are also overweight. Being overweight causes cells to change and become insulin-resistant, resulting in blood sugar not being absorbed. And to keep the blood sugar normal, cells producing insulin work extra hard causing them to gradually fail over time.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure refers to how hard the blood pushes against the walls of an artery as it flows. According to Dr. James W Stalker, it has no symptoms but is lethal as it can cause a stroke, a heart attack or kidney failure. High blood pressure (hypertension) has been linked to being overweight in many ways. For someone with a large body, the heart has to pump extra hard in order to supply blood to all the cells of the body. Furthermore, excess fats along the walls of the artery constrict the passage of blood causing pressure.

Heart Disease

There are many complications of the heart which arise due to obesity. For starters, excess fat causes the blood vessels in the heart to become hard and constricted, preventing the heart from getting all the blood it needs. Any part of the heart muscle that doesn’t get enough blood will die, resulting in cardiac arrest. Although there are many different causes of heart disease, people who are overweight are at the greatest risk of suffering from it.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which an individual has pauses in breathing or continuously gasps for air during sleep. They end up getting little to no rest and may suffer from daytime sleepiness, and difficulty focusing, among others. The most significant risk factor for sleep apnea is obesity and inflammation of the neck because the person with sleep apnea will have more fat deposits around the neck, making the airway smaller. A small airway makes breathing difficult or may result in loud breathing (snoring), and pauses of breath. Fat deposits on the neck also cause inflammation.


Osteoarthritis is a common health problem related to aging or injury in which an individual experiences pain or stiffness in the joints of the knees, hands, hips or lower back. Among joint injury, genetic factors and old age as well as obesity stands out as a significant risk factor for osteoarthritis. Because of additional weight, the cartilage in the joints gets extra pressure causing them to wear away over time. Additionally, more body fat causes higher levels of substances in the blood which lead to inflammation of joints.

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