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How to Become an Endodontist? Everything You Need to Know


Your future career is almost one of the most important decisions you need to make in your entire life. Your job will affect the quality of your life, your happiness, your satisfaction, and your financial life aspect. Nowadays, more people and students are interested in dentistry and have become dentists by improving science and technology. As a Toronto endodontist claims, the rate of new students who apply for dentistry is increasing day by day. One of the most prevalent majors for students is endodontic, specializing in root canal treatments and everything related. Endodontists are more experienced and specialized professionals than general dentists, especially in root canal infections and issues. Whenever general dentists can’t find a logical reason for the pain around the patient face and mouth, or face complications originating from previous treatments, or even when they can’t handle cracked teeth, they consult with an endodontist or refer the patient to him. Endodontists are usually equipped with high-technology tools that allow them to have a fantastic diagnosis, analysis, and treatment.

What are the responsibilities of an endodontist?

Endodontists are knowledgeable in many fields of dentistry, but they usually provide these services.

  • Examine and treat the soft tissues, especially the infected ones.
  • Perform oral surgeries, including root canals surgeries, apicoectomies, etc.
  • Place dental implants.
  • Perform root canal treatment.
  • Prescribe anesthetics if it’s necessary for the patient.
  • Handle traumatic dental damages.

How is the work environment of an endodontist?

Usually, all endodontists work for 40 hours per week; however, they are probably responsible for unexpected emergencies outside regular business hours. The environment can sometimes be stressful because of patients, so an endodontist needs self-control.

How to become an expert endodontist?

Achieve a bachelor’s degree: your first step is to enter a high-quality university or college to get your bachelor’s degree. Although passing specific undergraduate degrees is not necessary for most dental schools, it will significantly help you be prepared for dental school and the required courses you will have.

Apply for your dream dental school: depending on your intended dental school, you may have difficulty entering the dental school. The better dental school you apply for, the more experienced endodontist you will be. Also, don’t forget to pass the dental acceptances to enter dental school to become an endodontist.

Attend dental school perfectly: you probably need to pass the courses of dental science and biomedical studies in the first two years. Then you will be more experienced in practical activities when you pass laboratory courses in the third and fourth years.

Become a licensed DMD or DDS: you need to pass the national board dental examination after you graduate to receive your license as a doctor of dental surgery or doctor of medicine in dentistry.

Become a professional endodontist: you become more experienced and skilled by passing through residency programs in the last level. You will gain information about the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease, root canal infection, and dental emergencies.

Don’t forget you need to put energy and effort into becoming an endodontist, so observe all sides of your choice and make your final decision!

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