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Yoga benefits that extend throughout daily life


Initially, you may feel some of the benefits of yoga immediately. Afterward, you feel more relaxed, your body might feel stronger, and you feel generally happier and more relaxed.

You realize, however, that your yoga practice has impacted your everyday life after you’ve been practicing for a while. You notice your mind feels calmer, your spirit feels more in touch with you, and you enjoy life more.

Now let’s look at the five main benefits of practicing yoga long-term, as well as how they apply to your everyday life. Tamsin Yoga helps to deliver these benefits to your life.

1. The benefits to your physical health

Yoga’s physical benefits are easy to take for granted. While they may not be as ‘interesting’ as the subtler advantages, they are a very important reason to keep exercising as we age.

Yoga classes generally make you physically stronger, so you feel stronger in your day-to-day life as well. As a result of the physical strength, you will also start to feel emotionally stronger and more resilient because your body and mind are connected.

Mobility and flexibility are also important benefits for the body. Furthermore, it lowers blood pressure, improves vitality and endurance, and improves balance and coordination. These all contribute to a healthier aging process.

2. The benefits to your mind

You also feel happier when you practice yoga, and part of the reason is because yoga teaches you to stay focused. Yoga teaches you how to down-regulate your nervous system, basically allowing you to relax more. By combining relaxation and attention, you can achieve a calm and focused state.

You will be able to focus on things in front of you for a longer period of time in your daily life. You will be less likely to get distracted. One example would be studying. Staying focused is no easy feat. This enables us to be in the moment, in touch with our reality, and with what we are actually doing.

3. The benefits to your spirit

We usually begin to soften and open our hearts when we learn to focus and begin to show up for our life experiences, both on and off the mat. It is then that we begin to realize that there are more to this life than my body, my thoughts, my goals, and my dreams.

Sometimes we feel connected to something greater than ourselves, like we are part of the world, each other, and life itself. When we practice yoga, we can access this connection. During the toughest times, we can feel supported and take life’s challenges less personally.

4. The benefits of daily mindfulness

When you practice yoga, you improve your level of health, concentration, happiness and capacity to be present, which in turn makes it easier to practice mindfulness in your day-to-day life.

The practice of mindfulness is paying attention moment-to-moment, with curiosity, kindness, and without judgment, to what is happening within and around us.

If we want to change something, we can use mindfulness. As we feel happier already, we tend to make more positive changes. Over time, you begin to pay closer attention to what supports you and what doesn’t. Having the ability to sense what is right for you and what isn’t is often what makes this happen.

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