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Important Things That You Should Know About Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding

To some, chipped teeth are just a cosmetic concern that does not necessitate treatment. However, a chipped tooth can do more than ruin your aesthetic smile. For example, this concern can trigger tooth decay, which causes tooth sensitivity. Consequently, it becomes difficult to chew to the point that you cannot enjoy your favorite meals. Therefore, you should consider the Santa Monica dental bonding treatments if you have a chipped tooth. You could have many questions regarding dental bonding, especially if you have never sought this treatment. Fortunately, the following facts will enlighten your world on dental bonding.

It Is Less Invasive

Being a dental procedure, some people are concerned that dental bonding is painful. However, there are no incisions during the composite resin application. The dentist will only apply the solution on the teeth’ surface for the composite to stick effectively. Sometimes the composite can be liquid, necessitating direct application to a cracked tooth.

Results Look Natural

You may think that everyone will notice after getting the dental bonds, especially when you smile. However, the dentist will select a composite that matches your natural teeth during dental bonding. Since the resin material blends effectively with the remaining teeth, no one will notice that you have enhanced your smile unless you decide to share the great news.

Dental Bonding Is Cost Friendly

When seeking a dental procedure to repair your damaged tooth, it is good to pick the one that does not strain your pocket. Dental bonding is one procedure that will give you desirable results while saving your pocket. Unlike other cosmetic works, the dentists complete the dental bonding in-house without requiring a third party’s services, which could have required additional expenses. In addition, insurance institutions have extended their coverage of these treatments, thus meeting some expenses.

The Results Are Less Durable

Although the resin composite materials have improved in the last few decades, they are still not as strong as crowns. After dental bonding, these composite materials are vulnerable to chipping compared to lab-made devices. The good news is that embracing the care tips like avoiding hard foods can help prolong the longevity of the resin composite material.

They Can Help Address Minor Alignment Concerns

Some people believe dental bonding is limited to repairing the chipped tooth. However, the reality is that the composite resin materials can help fix other dental concerns, like minor tooth alignment problems. Therefore, dental bonding offers a quick option if you have spaces between your teeth, especially if you do not want to wear traditional braces for a certain period.

When left untreated, the chipped tooth can trigger other issues beyond cosmetic concerns. For instance, it can cause tooth sensitivity, thus impeding individuals from enjoying their favorite meals. Fortunately, dental bonding treatments can help repair chipped teeth, thus saving you from those concerns. The procedure is less invasive, implying that you will have a comfortable experience while placing the composite resin material. Also, the resin material matches the shade of teeth, thus giving you a natural-looking smile.

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