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Interesting Facts about Replacing Missing Teeth with Dentures

Missing Teeth

Unfortunately, for several reasons, most people lose their permanent teeth over time. Since there’s no chance for human teeth to be replaced naturally, it is essential for all of us to be familiar with all available options for solving this common dental issue. As everyone knows, dentures were considered one of the most practical solutions for replacing missing teeth a long time ago. An experienced dentist who has been performing dentures in Toronto for many years describes that during this commonly-requested option, a removable device will be accurately placed in your mouth so that the false teeth are attached to it. Although nowadays, your professional dentists can provide you with a more technological method to replace missing teeth called dental implants, most people are keen to restore their missing teeth functionality with dentures. In this beneficial article, we provide helpful information for those willing to correct their chewing ability with dentures rather than dental implants and dental bridges.

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All Amazing Facts about Dentures

Those valued patients who are considering dentures as their priority to replace their missing teeth will achieve a better understanding of this exceptional solution by reading the following facts:

Dentures Should Be Replaced from Time to Time for Proper Fitting: Although the modern types of dentures are more long-lasting than the traditional types, there is still room to improve. Dentures can effectively restore your natural teeth functionality, but if you neglect to replace them after five to seven years, they can’t properly do the job you expect. Therefore, keep in mind to ask your experienced and dedicated dentists to replace your dentures after the estimated time to ensure your dentures will work effectively for a longer time.

Dentures Can Be Created in Various Designs: Most people believe that only one type of denture is available for replacing missing teeth. At the same time, dedicated dentists are enriched with high-tech tools and materials to provide dentures of various sizes and shapes to help you achieve what you desire.

Dentures Need to Be Clean Regularly: According to professionally-trained dental experts, regular cleaning is required for dentures to keep them from staining or discoloration. Dentures should be taken out of your mouth when you want to brush them professionally.

Dentures Should Be Kept in Water Container During Night: Since dentures aren’t fused to your jawbone, having them in your mouth when you sleep can cause discomfort and irritation. Therefore, people are recommended to remove them from their mouths before bed and sock them in water to keep them hydrated.

Dentures Have the Potential to Improve Your Facial Structures: As you heard, the negative consequences of missing teeth are further than weakening your chewing ability. For instance, those who wait long to treat missing teeth usually look over-age because the facial muscles regularly start sagging due to empty gaps caused by missing teeth. Therefore, make an urgent appointment to discuss with your dentists and ask them to treat your missing teeth with modern types of dentures.

Dentures are Considered as Durable Dental Restorative Solutions: Although dentures have high durability compared with other restorative procedures, their maintenance is the golden factor that should be strongly focused on. If you don’t do your best to take care of your dentures, they are more likely to become too fragile, chip or crack.

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