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Laser – The Most Effective Treatment for Toenail Fungus So Far

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If you are tired of your toenail fungus, the good news for you is that a very effective and painless laser treatment has been invented. A few different kinds of laser devices are approved for this treatment.

Fungal nail infection or onychomycosis can cause a few changes in the nail. These changes slowly worsen over time. They are:

  • Disocolouration, often white, yellow or brown
  • Flaky debris on or under the nail
  • Nail separated from the nail bed (onycholysis)
  • Change in nail thickness or texture
  • Change in the shape of nail e.g. increase in curvature

Oral Antifungal Medications

Oral antifungal medications have been believed to be the gold standard for the treatment of fungal nails since they have been more effective at cleaning infection than topical medications.

However, these medications cannot be a surefire option for several patients due to their side effects as well as potential interactions with other drugs.

Laser Treatment

Considering the fact that toenail fungal infection is such a predominant problem without an easy cure, the newer laser treatment has created a lot of hopes.

Today laser treatment has become a popular toe nail fungus treatment from ModPod Podiatry for example. And so, people would like to compare it with the oral and topical medications.

There are different types of laser devices for the treatment of toenail fungal infection. These are GenesisPlus, PinPointe Footlaser and Noveon.

These laser devices have been proven effective for the temporary treatment of the fungal nail infection.

This means that although initial studies have shown partial or complete clearing of symptoms, possibility exists that the infection may recur.

However, with any type of treatment of onychomycosis, i.e. oral, topical or laser, there are always chances that the infection could recur.

Laser treatment has shown promising results so far. E.g. Pinpointe laser shows a clinical study wherein 80% of all patients treated got their nails cleared 12 months after a single treatment.

Still, more studies are required on laser treatment because it’s a new treatment. Only then we can get a clear idea of how it stands against other treatments.

How does Laser Treatment Work on Onychomycosis?

The laser device used in the treatment emits pulses of energy that heat up tissues they touch. The laser is also theorised to apply antifungal activity when the fungal cells or mould absorb this heat. This kills the microbe.

There may be other factors that have not yet been recognised which cause nail clearing.

The energy of laser passes through the toenail to the nail bed underneath where the fungus tends to be present.

This capability of laser to penetrate the entire thickness of the toenail is perhaps what that causes the effective results seen so far in laser treatment.

Each device of laser varies in the technique used for treating the nail infection; however, overall, the principle is to make use of heat energy to remove the infection.

Using particular wavelengths or pulsing the laser helps to reduce heating of the patient’s skin, typically eliminating pain from the procedure.

Some laser companies provide patient information that a little heating sensation will usually be left.

What to Expect from Laser Treatment?

During your first consultation, your doctor will evaluate your nail symptoms and perhaps file down the nail (debridement).

The laser will be driven over any affected nails as well as may even be maneuvered over non-affected nails. The session will often last 30 minutes or less.

Sometimes only one session is useful while sometimes more sessions may be required. It may take 6-12 months till the nail grows out to understand if the treatment has been successful.

If you want to know more about podiatric treatments, visit podiatry Dee Why like ModPod Podiatry and you’ll get a confidence and can make a decision easily.

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