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Myths Behind Rehab Services

Rehab Services

If you are on the verge of committing to addiction rehab, there are some facts you need to know. People in your social circle may tell you negative stories about the rehab experience. Enablers tell stories they hope will prevent you from leaving the group and reclaiming your life. Don’t permit “invented” rehab horror stories to cripple your desire for a healthier and sober life.

Rehab Services

Myth One – Detoxification Is Long and Painful

According to a Christian Rehab Treatment Program in Minneapolis MN, many people hesitate to seek help for their addiction. Abusers fear the process will be drawn out and their suffering compounded. Anyone caught up in addiction is aware of the withdrawal process and the unpleasant physical effects that occur. Chills, pains, muscle spasms, and serious health risks can occur when an addict can’t obtain drugs or alcohol. Withdrawal is painful and can be fatal. These symptoms are the very reason people need the assistance of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. When you participate in a medically-assisted detoxification program, you receive medication to lessen the unpleasant effects of withdrawal while the body rids itself of built up toxins.

Myth Two – Only Weak People Need Therapy

You cannot allow anyone to label or stigmatize you. Weakness is not the character trait of a person wanting to take back control of their body and life. It takes strength and inner fortitude to admit to yourself and others that you are suffering from addiction. It takes personal power to accept the help that a rehab facility is waiting to offer you. The therapy you receive in rehab builds up your inner power and assists you in restructuring your life on a strong foundation. Rehab gives you tools and skills that remove the need of the substance abuse crutch.

Myth Three – You Don’t Need Therapy until You Hit Rock Bottom

Why should anyone wait to be in a critical mental and physical state before seeking help? There is no rationale for this kind of thinking, and it is extremely dangerous. Many substance abusers are working and supporting families. They are slowly embedding themselves in an addictive behavior that will destroy them over time. If these “regular” people get help as soon as the problem is realized, they don’t have to lose their jobs and families because of addiction.

Early intervention is necessary to lessen addiction’s physical damage to the body and to resolve its underlying causes.

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