What To Expect With Duette Multifocal


Some people need corrective lenses from quite a young age, while others may have no problems with their vision until they get older. As we get older, our vision will often deteriorate because certain areas within the eye lose some of their flexibility.

Some people may notice that they find it difficult to see clearly objects that are close up. For example, they may start struggling to read computer screens, newspapers or books. Meanwhile, their distance vision is still fine. When this happens, they can get lenses just for managing close-up work. The downside to this is that when they have the lenses on, either in glasses or contacts, their distance vision will be blurred.

Fortunately, it is now possible to get contact lenses that address this problem. The Duette Multifocal contact lenses are different from standard contact lenses, and it may take a little time to adjust to wearing them. Firstly, the central part of the lens is rigid, and people who are used to wearing soft lens may find this is a little uncomfortable in the beginning. For most people, this sense of discomfort will pass quickly, and they will s oon be unaware the presence of the lenses.

Many people who wear multifocals for the first time will also experience some slight vision problems. People often describe this as like looking at everything in 3-d. Examples include people reporting that text often seems to have a shadow effect. This problem comes about because the brain has to learn, or relearn, how to process the images that come through multifocal lenses. After a short period of readjustment, most people will find the 3-d sensation disappears.

Inserting and taking out multifocals

Most people who wear contact lenses use soft lenses, and they know the problems they can have with trying to get these in and out. Many of these problems disappear when using multifocal lenses because of the rigid center, but the technique for inserting and removing Duette multifocals is different. Your optician or doctor will be glad to show you the correct way to do this.

To ensure you get the longest life and the best vision from your Duette multifocals, you must follow the cleaning and hygiene routine every day. If you have become accustomed to using disposable lenses, you need to get back into the habit of daily lens care.

If you think you could benefit from Duette Multifocal contact lenses, speak to this eye specialist in Tempe AZ. He will be glad to answer any question you may have about this wonderful technology.

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