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Natural Tips to Get Rid of Urinary Tract Infection


UTI the problem which makes many people suffer from pain and burn in their regulation urine sessions. People usually come up with this problem when they catch the bacteria which is responsible for UTI hence it is very common for people to develop this problem as this bacteria can enter your body through any source.

Although UTI is not a severe problem to look upon still, it creates many discomforts in your day to day life. Urge to pee, not much output, acid level high, pain, burning all these things make your productivity level low in every possible way.

So, before you plan an expensive visit with your doctor just try these home remedies that can help you cure UTI.

1) Chewing may help

Here eating does not mean that whatever you chew can cure your UTI. There are some elements which you can eat, and they help you to fight the bacteria of UTI.

Celery seeds are the essential eating element which you can take while suffering from UTI. Celery Seeds contains ingredients like butylphthalide, and celery seeds are also diuretic in nature. If you think you cannot handle Parsley leaves, then celery seeds are the best replacement to create more fluid in your body which helps in various urination process.


Some celery seeds (handful)


Take celery seeds once or twice a day as a snack after the meal. Well, celery seeds are good for digestion as well so it will help in digesting your meal. Following this cycle for weeks will help you prevent your UTI problem naturally.

2) Applying some heat can get you relief

The person who is suffering from UTI usually feels pain and burning sensation in urine. However, that’s not the case in everyone ad symptoms can vary from person to person or on depending on the amount of infection in the body.

Sometimes UTI also leads to the inflammation and bladder cramps which discomfort the person every time and cause cramping pains in the bladder which affect the person very badly. Applying heat on the bladder area can reduce the inflammation process and relax the muscles that have gone rigid because of spasm fluid.

What do you need?

A hot water bottle


Fill the hot water bottle with warm water only this much hot that allows touching. Now place the bottle on the affected area so that the heat can pass through your skin to your rigid muscles and that warmness can release them so that inflammation process can slow down. In this remedy, the placement of bottle and posture of your body is most important thing for relief. Firstly place the bottle on the bladder and lie down now just put your hands gently to make contact tighter but avoid pressing it hard as sometimes pain tempts you to do this but avoid it.

So, do not search for doctor urgently if you have Urinary Tract Infection just follow these remedies and you will get relief.


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