New Treatments Promise Thicker Hair and More Confidence

Thicker Hair

Anyone who is suffering from balding or thinning of the hair knows how this condition can take its toll on your self-confidence, as well as put a damper on your social life. It is hard to go out and meet people, especially when you don’t feel like you are looking your best, which is why so many people are turning to experts for help with their thinning hair. Instead of having to cover up your bald spots with bad comb-overs, hats, or scarves, patients all over the world are enjoying a new level of self-confidence that comes from being able to grow their own hair. By visiting an expert who is trained and able to use stem cells to help you with your hair loss, you will soon be able to sport a full head of hair and feel like yourself again.

What Is This Therapy?

What may surprise a lot of people is that this therapy is known as stem cell therapy. Commonly used by scientists to treat orthopaedic injuries, fight infections while healing wounds, treat heart disease, overcome autoimmune diseases, and even help in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases, stem cells are now able to be used to fight balding. This treatment actually uses the patient’s stem cells to repair the damaged tissue and hair follicles on the head. Since it is individualised for each person with their own stem cells, there is a high rate of success and it will work very quickly.

How Is This Treatment Performed?

Many patients have questions about the actual treatment and express concerns over any pain or discomfort they may feel during the treatment. The first step in using stem cells to fight balding is that the doctor will examine the scalp, checking the condition of the hair follicles. They will then carefully and painlessly remove healthy hair follicles from the scalp, which will allow them to harvest out stem cells. This is painless and doesn’t result in bleeding for the patient.

After the stem cells have been processed and removed from the hair follicles, they will be injected back into any balding areas on the scalp. By using small needles, the doctors are able to greatly minimise any discomfort the patients feel. Most patients report positive results in regards to new growth and thickness of their hair during the first month. This is a great way to restore your confidence with hair loss treatment without having to commit a lot of time and energy to regular at-home treatments.

If you are unhappy with the appearance and thickness of your hair and suffer from how it makes you feel, then it is time to visit a doctor to talk about your options. In very little time and with very little discomfort, you can be growing a head full of your own hair, allowing you to feel young and confident again.

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