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Steps to consider before you Give Birth


Being a mother is one of the greatest gift given to you by God. But it is also a responsibility which you have to fulfil till your child grows 18 years old. That is when they get mature, and your responsibilities decrease. But in those 18 years there are several things which you have to take acre like the food which they should eat, in which school they should study, to look after their health, to look after their study issues, what type of friends they are having, and most importantly you have to make them strong at this time. So that when they grow up then they do not depend on anyone for anything. And of course, you are not alone in this world who has started making plans for the future of baby since the moment they got the news of getting pregnant.

Things to Consider

Well besides this there are some other decisions which should be consider before you are ready to give birth to your child. And among those things first one is to choose the doctor who will be responsible for your condition in these 9 months and delivery of baby as well after that. Besides this, a midwife is also required in your service all the time. Getting a midwife is for sure a correct decision as she will be the one who will be taking care of you all the time during and before the operation. So with such a sensitive matter, you have to make sure that the midwife and doctor are well experienced, as only an experienced person can truly handle any such situation in a correct way. If you want a normal delivery then you need to make sure about the choice of midwife, because only an experience women know about the perfect ratio of anaesthesia to be given to mothers.

Experienced Doctor

And this is really a sensitive issue about giving the anaesthesia in, accurate measurement during birth. But there are some cases when you have to go for delivery by cesarean section, and for that, it is obvious you need to consult a doctor. And same is the case over here as well, that only an experienced doctor can accurately perform the surgery as compared to some fresher. Next thing is the birth plan, and for that many mothers are not lucky enough, because the contraction is more often than they have expected. And with each contraction, the pain also increases. Well it is a natural and unexpected issue, and no one can help this out, but at least you should have some plans in your mind which could help you out with such unexpected situations, and helps to decrease the pain as well.

Important Decisions

And in that plan, you should include things like if you want some anaesthesia or not if you want your partner to stay with you all the time. As according to a research the feelings of pain decreases by the presence of some loved one. And these are some really important decisions which you should have in mind a, long before because once the process starts then there is no chance for you to wait and decide something else. There is no doubt this is most sensitive, but really an exciting process. So it is really necessary for you and your partner to do some research regarding this process much before, and for that, there are many books available in the market. Plus you can also perform some research online for your ease.

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