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Six Benefits of Regular Remedial Massage

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Massage comes in many forms, each with their own benefits. If you have a serious medical condition or have been injured, you can undergo remedial massage to help you out. Here are six benefits of remedial massage.

Customise Treatments

Physiotherapists use remedial massage to help treat patients for injuries, postural problems, and joint problems. By becoming familiar with their patients’ bodies and observing how massages affect their condition, they can design and adjust treatment plans for each patient. Remedial massage helps improve circulation, it can reduce pain, and the patients may get a general sense of feeling better once treatment is over.

Skin Looks Better

One of the unintended consequences of remedial massage is that it helps patients look better as well as feel better. Remedial massage in Baldivis improves blood circulation throughout the body, even in the face, which can cause skin to look plumper and younger. It also helps to drain toxins from the skin and allows nutrients to replace them, so complexions that were once dull may look vibrant again.

Improves Cognitive Abilities

Results from a study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience showed that regular massage can help improve cognitive abilities. After 26 study participants underwent massages, their performances improved when given complex math problems to solve. Since regular massage improves circulation and removes toxins from the body, many people feel more alert, which can help test scores.

Reduces Headaches

Stress is the main cause of many headaches, but since massage can reduce stress, it can also reduce the occurrences of headaches. It can also help reduce the pain associated with headaches if you still get migraines or other stress-induced headaches. Remedial massage can also help reduce anxiety and make people less angry due to its relaxing properties.

Boosts Immunity

Another experiment proved that remedial massage could help boost the immune system. Remedial massage increases the responses of the endocrine system and in white blood cells, which are important components of the immune system. Having a better immune system helps fight off illnesses and can reduce the length of colds, flus, and other ailments.

Better Sleep

If you have issues with falling asleep and staying asleep, regular remedial massages may be able to help you sleep better. A soothing massage has relaxation capabilities, so you can go to sleep easier and stay asleep during the night. Being able to sleep can improve cognitive abilities, help your feel energised, and aids in fighting depression.

A remedial massage isn’t the same as those you would get at a spa, but it is a therapeutic massage that can help your entire body. During the massage, a therapist may manipulate your limbs, joints, and other areas of your body to help treat illnesses, injuries, or decrease the stress of everyday life.

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