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The Different Colonic And Rectal Issues That Can Be Treated By A Professional

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The colon and the rectum are sensitive areas of your body and they need to be treated with care. You may have noticed that you are feeling some discomfort down there, so you need to have it checked out by a medical professional.

They are going to give you an honest diagnosis. Doctors understand that this is a very sensitive issue, so your diagnosis is going to be handled with an extreme amount of care. You should get a diagnosis at the first sign of discomfort because you cannot afford for something to ignore.

How A Colonoscopy Is Going To Be Performed

A thorough colonoscopy screening test can pinpoint the problem that you are having. A probe with a camera on the end is going to be inserted into your colon. It will be able to see the exact cause of your problem. You will not be able to eat for a set time before the colonoscopy takes place.

You are going to need some time to recuperate after the colonoscopy has taken place.

Which colonic and rectal issues can be treated by a professional?


Haemorrhoids are more common in the elderly than the young. There are several symptoms that you need to be aware of so that you can take yourself to have a check-up. You might have noticed that you have discomfort in your anus or the stool has started to become bloody. The haemorrhoids might have become prolapsed, which is something that needs attention.

You should never ignore these symptoms because any delays could cause more problems.

  • Conventional haemorrhoid surgery – this is going to remove the prolapsed haemorrhoids from the anus. It is going to take a while to you to heal from the surgery.
  • Haemorrhoidectomy – this uses a surgical stapler to remove the flesh that has been affected by the
  • Ultrasound probe – an ultrasound probe is going to identify the main vessels that are leading to the haemorrhoids. They can then be dealt with properly.

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is perfectly treatable nowadays, but you need to make sure that you get an early diagnosis to make sure that you can start the treatment as soon as possible. The signs of this are if you have pains in your anus and if your stool is filled with blood.

  • Cancer can then be treated with a course of radiotherapy.
  • Radiotherapy has improved greatly over the years so it is much more effective in the 21st century than it used to be.

Overall Article Summary

You may have noticed some discomfort in your colon or your rectum. This means that a check-up is going to be necessary and this will get to the bottom of the problem. Surgery may be necessary to remove the haemorrhoids. You will need to have some time to recuperate after you have had some surgery or you have had a colonoscopy.

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