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The Importance of Physio after Injury


Whether you love to play sports, run marathons, or try to keep active for your health, a sudden injury could occur at any moment. In addition to sports and exercise-related injuries, a slip and fall, car accident, work accident, or any other type of situation resulting in an injury could be a reason to consider physio. The men and women trained to perform the healing therapies of these facilities work with your unique injury to help you find relief more quickly. In fact, there are many benefits to visiting a physiotherapist as soon as possible after an injury.

Reduce Pain

Using proven methods and highly-advanced therapy equipment, your physiotherapist could help you feel less pain from your injury. Stretched ligaments, pulled muscles, and more can make it difficult to move through your daily routine. Pain management physicians and general practitioners can only prescribe you medication to alleviate the pain, which can be difficult on your body. Often, the side effects of most medications cause as much trouble as the pain they treat, from unpleasant symptoms to addiction. However, mobile physio in Perth could allow you to reduce your pain significantly without a single pill. Not only will you feel better and be able to return to work or play faster but you will do so without the help of prescription drugs.

Avoid Surgery

In some cases, sports players put off getting help about an injury for weeks, even months. This will only exacerbate the problem without exception, especially if the injury was suffered in a heavily-used part of the body such as the ankle or lower back. By putting it off, you could cause your injury to escalate into something far worse, leading to painful procedures including surgery. One way to help you avoid this would be to simply see a physiotherapist the moment you receive the injury. They can utilise proven therapies to help you heal with your own body’s power and avoid surgery. Although they cannot always help you avoid this type of procedure, your chances of recovery without surgery are significantly higher with the help of such professionals.

Heal Faster

Physio techniques were proven to help people heal more quickly after an injury. No matter the type or cause of the injury, you can rely on such professionals to work with you to find a solution. What would take months on your own could be reduced to weeks with these dedicated professionals. Not only would you be able to return to work or to the game you love but you could do so the right way by avoiding further injuries.

In addition, these professionals can help you learn better stances and actions to avoid injuries in the future. They understand how the body functions during hard work and they want you to have fun without harming yourself. Whether you need to get back onto the field before your season is over or just want to miss as little work as possible, they could very well make that happen for you.


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