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E liquid depot – A Review

E liquid

E-liquid Depot is the leading providers of cheap E liquid and E juice. They have to offer us about 38 products with great performance. E-liquid depot presently has Eliquid providing many different varieties in flavor like Beverage, Breakfast, Candy, Creamy, Dessert, Fruity, Menthol, Yogurt, Tobacco and more. These Eliquid products contain Vegetable Glycerin USP, Propylene Glycol USP, Artificial Flavoring and Nicotine.

Nicotine content might range from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg which might be highly addictive.

Types of E-liquids:

Let us now dig into the variety of flavors E-liquid depot has to offer us in different categories.

  • Beverage – There are 6 products in beverage category.
  • Breakfast– Eliquid Depot has 8 products to offer in breakfast category.
  • Candy– There are 7 products in this category
  • Creamy – There are 20 products in E juice creamy category.
  • Dessert–There are 21 products in this category
  • Fruity–There are 26 products with same flavors as above and few additional flavors like Ice Dragon, Berrygurt, Dewwy.
  • Menthol – Ice dragon, a fruity blueberry and dragon fruit base with a fresh minty chill.
  • Yogurt – There are 2 products in this category.
  • Berrygurt and Rocket.
  • Tobacco– Gentleman, a smooth caramel vanilla tobacco.

A tip while buying new flavors is that, most of these flavors resemble flavors found in food items so be cautious to buy to only those that you like.

These flavours mainly contribute to the taste and smell of the e-juice. Thus, if one does not like the smell of tobacco, they can prefer to use, any of these. The reviews by customers who have consumed is really appreciating. Many people have appreciated the tastes of different flavours along with the feel of smoking. Minty chills blow your mind? Vape the similar flavours!

E liquids – why should you opt for it?

In e-cigarettes, e liquids are the only ingredient and most of the time, this liquid is made from herbal ingredients. Also, the set up of an e-cigarette is such that the user only inhales the fumes of the liquid and not any soot or residue. They are in fact filtered.

The cost is less: Compared to what one person might spend on cigarettes annually or even monthly, electronic liquids are relatively cheaper. With so many brands available, you can choose the economically viable option.

No more foul smell: When people smoke the conventional cigarettes, their whole body smells of it for a long time. People make faces at them, express their grievances of being around them and in brief, the smokers aren’t that popular in social circles. Electronic liquids do not smell and your smoking e-cigarettes ca be a discreet activity.


Eliquid depot has come up with many different flavored Eliquid for a cheaper price and great performance. The one thing that should be kept in mind, that though eliquid are non toxic in nature and do not release monoxide and tar like a normal cigarette, still it is a health hazard if you over do it. Anything in limitation will only give pleasure.

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