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Essential Oral Health Tips for a Great Smile


We all know how important good oral care is for our general health and with the technological advances we have enjoyed in the past few decades, oral hygiene has become more efficient and easier to perform. The toothbrushes of today are able to reach those nooks and crannies in our mouths, and toothpaste now contains ingredients that fight tooth decay. There are things one can do to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and here are just a few.

  • Annual Examinations

No matter how well you look after your teeth, many dental issues do not become apparent at first, and with regular examinations, your dentist can pinpoint any issues and recommend the right treatment. Always look for affordable dental services in Nottingham with an online search before choosing the right dentist for you.

  • The Right Toothbrush – Perhaps the most important item for your oral hygiene is your toothbrush. Walking through a supermarket, it is easy to get confused, with row upon row of toothbrushes of all shapes and colours. Some have hard bristles, and often people mistakenly think that hard bristles will clean teeth more effectively, while hard brushes tend to damage our delicate gums. A medium toothbrush with a small, narrow head is the ideal solution, and with correct brushing techniques, you can remove a large majority of bacteria.
  • Floss Daily – Flossing gets in between our teeth, an area that brushing cannot reach, so it is important to floss on a daily basis. The ideal time to do this is before going to bed, although many people will floss after every meal and this is a good idea, as the longer trapped food remains in your mouth, the more damage it can do.
  • Tongue Care – Often completely overlooked, your tongue is a lot more that a host for your taste buds, as it is also a major cause of bad breath. Most modern toothbrushes have a device on the rear side that can be used to brush the tongue. You should never use your toothbrush bristles to clean your tongue, but a nice helping of toothpaste will help to remove bacteria, and the best time to do this is at the end of the brushing process, when your tongue will already have a liberal coating of toothpaste.
  • Use a Mouthwash – There are many products on the market today, with all sorts of flavours and colours. Some contain alcohol, while others do not, and if you want to be sure of using the right one, ask your dentist for a recommendation next time you are there. In the event you are looking for a dentist, there are dental services in Nottingham that offer a range of treatments, and with the latest cutting edge technology, you can have your teeth professionally cleaned.

The important thing to remember is to brush your teeth after every meal, and if you get into the habit of good oral hygiene, your dentist will be happy when he or she sees how healthy your teeth and gums are.

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