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What Are the Benefits of Kor Whitening?

Kor Whitening

Stained teeth can be a pain and are common among young people who drink coffee, tea, or cola. Other causes of stained teeth include smoking and eating certain foods that stain teeth, such as berries and other dark-colored fruits. The main effects of stained teeth are aesthetic. As teeth become more yellowed, they can appear dull, making your smile unattractive. However, the effects of stained teeth can be reversed through KoR whitening Houston.

Below are signs that your teeth need to be whitened and how KoR whitening can help.

Signs that you need KoR whitening services

Teeth discoloration

Tooth discoloration occurs when one or more of the tooth’s layers absorbs stain molecules from coffee, tea, tobacco, and other foods and beverages. These stains affect the layer’s color right below the outermost surface of your tooth enamel. As this layer becomes more porous over time, it allows even more stain molecules to penetrate deeper into your tooth structure, resulting in a darker appearance over time.

Tobacco effects

Tobacco use is a major cause of yellowing and staining. Tobacco stains the teeth and gums, making them appear darker than normal. The nicotine in tobacco also breaks down collagen, which helps keep the enamel strong and bright. If you’re a smoker or chew tobacco regularly, we recommend using KoR whitening services to help restore your smile to its natural color.

Age spots

Our teeth are more prone to discoloration from age spots as we age. These dark spots root from iron deposits in the dentin layer of your tooth enamel. They can also occur following trauma or as a side effect of certain medications such as tetracycline antibiotics or birth control pills. In such a case, KoR whitening can make all the difference.

How does KoR whitening work?

KoR whitening is a revolutionary new tooth-whitening system that uses oxygen to penetrate deep into the enamel of your teeth to promote the natural whitening process from within. The immediate and dramatic results give you the smile you’ve always wanted without the pain or sensitivity associated with other whitening products.

Reasons why KoR whitening stands out?

It helps improve your smile

KoR Whitening is a tooth-whitening procedure that can give you a brighter smile. This is done by removing the surface stains on your teeth, usually caused by drinking tea, coffee, and smoking. The procedure uses a gel and an LED light to remove these stains.

Reduces sensitivity in your teeth

KoR whitening reduces sensitivity in your teeth because it uses the latest technology, which contains a special gel that protects your tooth enamel. This gel also prevents cavities from forming on your teeth while undergoing treatment.

Prevents dental diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth decay

KoR whitening prevents these dental diseases by preventing bacteria from growing inside your mouth and attacking your gums and teeth. It also strengthens the enamel on your teeth so they don’t get damaged easily when exposed to bacteria and plaque build-up.

Long-lasting results

The critical benefit of KoR whitening is that it can give your teeth an immediate boost in appearance, making them appear whiter than ever, and the best part is that it offers long-lasting effects.

Tooth discoloration is common and can affect your appearance and smile. It occurs when transparent tooth enamel becomes stained through natural aging or exposure to elements such as tobacco and coffee. If you have stained teeth, contact the Dentists at North Cypress for help.

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