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How Does Your Poor Posture Affect Your Body?

Poor Posture

Body posture, or the body’s alignment, is important to keep you lively. It helps to keep your nerves and blood vessels healthy and supports your muscles, tendons and ligaments. If you have a habit of good posture, you have fewer chances of back or neck pain. 

Things you do daily to protect your body and neck are secondary; firstly, posture plays an important role. So, if you are facing neck issues, you can try improving your posture, and if the problem is not solved, you can visit any of the medical centers in the Memorial area. There are various Memorial Area neck pain centers where you can get guidance to improve your posture. 

How does poor posture affect your body? 

Bad posture leads to pressure on the cervical spine: When you are bent forward and walk continuously like this for a longer period, it puts pressure on your cervical spine. The spine alignment gets disturbed by your poor posture and puts stress on certain muscles and nerves. In addition to this, there are also muscle groups that get pressure and create lumbar pain. 

Body Pain: Poor posture affects the back and neck spine, but apart from this, it also leads to body pain. You will have headaches due to compressed nerves and foot pain due to poor alignment of the body. There is a possibility of jaw pain as your head remains forward; thus, one bad posture can lead to many negative effects on your body. 

Poor Digestive System: The digestive system gets disturbed when your shoulder strains your abdomen and chest. It reduces your metabolism, and food processing and nutrient-absorbing processes also get disturbed. When there is poor digestion, it leads to heartburn, constipation, acidity and disturbed bladder movement. 

Lung Health Gets Disturbed: If you are standing in a stooped position, it affects your inhaling power. When the position is long, it affects the lung capacity to inhale, and ultimately, the whole process of oxygen circulation gets affected. 

Bad Blood Circulation: The sedentary lifestyle and poor posture affect blood circulation properly; therefore, there are some areas where blood circulation is less. It later causes another health issue. So, having a good posture is very important for your body. 

Poor posture also leads to Fatigueness: Posture determines the body’s health, and if it is not suitable as per your body system, you can easily get fatigued. You will be tired from moving out and doing physical activities. 

So, these are certain effects of poor posture. However, it is not true that you cannot improve your posture. You can make some deliberate efforts to improve it and also consult physicians for better advice. 

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