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What are the Phases that Take Place in a Luxury Rehab


Addicts who are interested in going to a luxury rehab often ask the question what is going to take place once they get admitted. The stages are almost the same as in a traditional rehab except that you will also get access to luxury facilities. You may find a slight difference in the stages across various luxury rehab centers but they should be somewhat similar. The following are the four common stages implemented at most of the luxury rehab centers.

  1. Assessment

The first stage in the luxury rehab is the stage that carries out physical and psychological assessment on the addict. The purpose of the assessment is to determine whether the program is suitable for the addict. During the assessment, the counselor will run an evaluation on the level of addiction and the type of drugs the addict is addicted to. You should be frank with the physician and not hide from him any illegal drug or prescription that you are using. The counselor will check your medical record history to learn about your past conditions and treatments that you have undergone.

Psychological assessment aims to detect mental problems like depression, and bipolar. Psychological assessment done at the initial stage is not the last assessment. The staff will repeat the psychological assessment from time to time until the time you leave the rehab to make sure you no longer have any psychological symptoms associated with the drug use.

  1. Detox

Detox is the second stage and patients are not allowed to use any drug during this stage. This can cause them to exhibit withdrawal symptoms that can sometimes be life threatening. Examples of withdrawal symptoms include nausea, insomnia and pain all over the body. Detox can treat patients with all kinds of addictions including alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and opiods. Doctors know what to do to minimize discomfort from the withdrawal symptoms.

Detox process can be medicated or non medicated and you’ll need the doctor approval to choose a non medicated detox. Non medicated detox means that no prescription medication is used during withdrawal process. Compared to medicated detox, non medicated detox is the fastest method for the patient to complete the detox process. Upon completion of detox, patients can move on to the stage where they learn life skills.

  1. Rehabilitative Therapy

Rehabilitative therapy deals with the psychological aspects such as negative thoughts and emotions that influence the addict into using drug. Individual therapy will uncover any underlying emotional issues while group therapy helps the patient to get rid of the feeling of forlornness by socializing with others. The counselor will help you to identify your irresponsible drug addiction behavior and how it hurt those around you. The counselor will teach the addict how to think about drugs and what they can do when encountering temptations.

The counselor will educate you on how your body relates to drug use. Counselor will teach the addicts essential life skills that allow them live a life free from dependency on drugs. The timetable at the luxury rehab will not keep you fully occupied for the whole day and you will have some of your own time to do the things you want for example start a new hobby or exercise at the gym.

  1. Aftercare Plan

Aftercare is the final step of rehab treatment where the counselor will work with the patient to develop a suitable aftercare plan. Recommendations on self help recovery meetings that are free to join are often provided. Some aftercare plans include psychotherapy sessions that take place 1 – 2 times per week. Arrangement can be made for the doctors to visit you at your home 1 – 2 times per month to ensure you are making steady progress towards recovery.


In conclusion, it is important to understand the stages in the drug rehab so that you know whether you should join the rehab. It is recommended that you talk with the representative on the phone to find out more about the stages.

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